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Coming soon …Claire Dearing, Senior Assets Manager at Jurassic World, has recently spoken about what consumers can expect over the next five years, including next month’s highly anticipated Indominus rex. “We’re very proud of our achievements here at Jurassic World, and our excitement cannot be contained as we prepare to showcase this pinnacle of genetic ingenuity”, announced Claire from Isla Nublar, Costa Rica. “The Indominus is an alluring addition to our diverse collection of assets, which will be sure to entertain future audiences like nothing before.” Ms. Dearing hinted that the Indominus may be the first of many genetically modified dinosaurs in InGen’s attempt to continually satisfy both visitors and investors. The Indominus rex enclosure is set to officially open to the public in May. More …

  • Oil to EnergyIn a move that has been speculated for months, Masrani Oil has officially re-branded itself to Masrani Energy effective immediately. “This name reflects our evolution as a viable global entity”, explains William MacLean – Masrani Energy’s Director of Communications. “Masrani Energy’s investments aren’t just in oil, we’re committed to cleaner and alternative solutions — not just the likes of wind, hydroelectric, geothermal; but also biofuels. The name also reflects our extensive collaboration with InGen strengthening our innovation in the scientific community.” With Masrani Energy aiming to mass-produce the world’s first FAA-approved ethanol blended fuel for the airline sector by 2017, Masrani may just end up increasing its market share in the international transportation sector. Masrani Energy will be holding a press conference in Dubai later this month to address further questions concerning the changeover.

New concepts unveiled: Claire Dearing, Senior Assets Manager at Jurassic World, speaks from Isla Nublar, Costa Rica.


The world’s greatest theme park

Mascom Network

Covering the globe for communications, weather, and navigation.

With a satellite network covering 94% of the globe, Mascom was the alternative choice in digital communication, until now. See what 2015 holds for Mascom …more

Masrani Energy

Sustainable fuel technologies are the key to the future.

With a vast production network and reputation, Simon Masrani has looked to the company’s future with investments in alternative energy and innovation …more

InGen Technologies

InGen continues to lead the world’s scientific community.

Dr. Henry Wu of the International Genetic Technologies company has transformed the once controversial entity into a riding success that many thought was impossible to rescue …more

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