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“All our products are packaged in eco-friendly packaging we believe in good health for our customers as well as a healthy planet”

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What’s on my desk?

Well, what a year we have had from today I am feeling ready to take the next step and get the SlimDirect slimming programs as well as our vitamin products out to the world make my dad proud who worked very hard to have this program to set up and believed in it lets all of us make him proud!

BY Neo AKA (KATIEHIGHFIELD) on 08/11/2022 • ( 0 )

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Hey there!

Dr Norman S Highfield,

Treated overweight and obese patients for 26 years and performing cosmetic procedures over approximately the same period of time. When he retired, he consulted on creating SlimDirect. He formulated the SlimDirect flexitarian weight loss Plan, which we believe will herald a new approach to weight control and a healthier life for those able to make lifestyle changes over a few weeks or for others who persevere over time even though he is no longer around to see it succeed I hope to make him proud.

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The new SlimDirect weight loss program concentrates on giving support to those who wish to change their food and drink intake while adapting their lifestyle so weight can be lost, and the weight loss maintained! it does take time and effort but once mastered this gives a much better chance of maintaining the weight loss. The weight loss is assisted by the use of certain foods and plant products which cause increased thermogenesis and an increase in basal metabolic rate. This is important to the success of the program.

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