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has been treating over weight and obese patients for 26 years and performing cosmetic procedures over approximately the same period of time. Now retired our doctor acts as a consultant to SlimDirect. He has formulated the SlimDirect flexitarian weight loss Plan, which we believe will herald a new approach to weight control and a healthier life for those able to make lifestyle changes over a few weeks or for others who persevere over time.

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The Flexitarian Plan for Weight loss

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About us

The new SlimDirect weight loss program concentrates on giving support to those who wish to change their food and drink intake while adapting their lifestyle so weight can be lost, and the weight loss maintained! it does take time and effort but once mastered this gives a much better chance of maintaining the weight loss. The weight loss is assisted by the use of certain foods and plant products which cause increased thermogenesis and an increase in basal metabolic rate. This is important to the success of the program.

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