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BBC Three

    1. 30


      Corey and Marc get their first celebrity presenting gig.

    2. 50


      Stacey lifts the lid on the darker side of the world of sex work in Brazil.

      First shown: 15 Mar 2016

    1. BBC Three

      Some Girls

      6 episodes

      • Series 2: Episode 1

        Viva is worried that Rocky is getting too serious about their relationship.

      • Series 2: Episode 2

        After falling out with the group after an eventful party, Holli has to find new friends.

      • Series 2: Episode 3

        Viva’s group clashes with Charlie’s gang over the affections of head boy Tyler.

      • Series 2: Episode 4

        Rocky’s friendship with Viva’s dad causes problems with Viva’s new boyfriend Tyler.

      • Series 2: Episode 5

        Holli and Saz compete to be the new manager of the Greenshoots girls’ football team.

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    1. Cuckoo

      Series 3: 5. University Challenged



      Dylan decides to leave university after only three weeks.

      First shown: 14 Mar 2016

    2. Best Of: Let’s go there

      Get more from your BBC Three faves

      Bbc three

      In depth, extras, behind the scenes – everything you could possibly want from Three, in our new online home.

    1. Live from the BBC

      5. Kerry and Kurtan and Sofie Hagen



      Kerry and Kurtan and Sofie Hagen perform stand-up from BBC’s Radio Theatre.

      First shown: 16 Mar 2016

    2. 20


      Investigating the secret world of disabled fetishes and devotee porn.

      First shown: 9 Mar 2016

    1. 58


      Dan Murdoch meets members of America’s most infamous supremacist group, the Ku Klux Klan.

      First shown: 28 Sep 2015

    2. Life and Death Row

      Series 2: 1. Execution



      Daniel Lopez is resisting all appeals to block his execution.

      First shown: 15 Feb 2016

    1. BBC Three


      3 episodes

      • Episode 1

        After thirteen years held captive by her kidnapper, Ivy Moxam escapes.

      • Episode 2

        The investigation into the missing girl raises questions about Ivy’s time in captivity.

      • Episode 3

        While the police investigation makes some breakthroughs, Ivy’s family life implodes.

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    1. 15


      A chilling portrait of the inner workings of the death penalty in America.

      First shown: 19 Feb 2016

    2. 60


      We follow three trans women competing to be crowned the first Miss Transgender UK.

      First shown: 27 Feb 2016

    1. Asian Provocateur

      4. Cousin Krishna



      Romesh must look after his 12-year-old cousin Krishna, who’s the more grown-up of the two.

      First shown: 21 Oct 2015

    2. 60


      Drama about a teenage girl who falls in love with the wrong man.

      First shown: 23 Jun 2014

    1. 60


      Professor Green sets out to discover the modern face of homelessness.

      First shown: 9 Feb 2016

    2. 60


      Film looking at why traffic collisions are the single biggest killer of young people.

      First shown: 24 Apr 2013

      • Week 1 Highlights

        The highs and lows of Eddie Izzard’s epic challenge of 27 marathons in 27 days.

      • Week 2 Highlights

        A dramatic week in the life of Eddie Izzard as he braves 27 marathons in 27 days.

      • Week 3 Highlights

        Eddie amazes all with another week of marathons.

      View all 3 episodes

    1. Stoked up in Stoke: Fighting Men



      Following two cage fighters from Stoke-on-Trent as they prepare for fight night.

      First shown: 26 Nov 2015

    2. World’s Toughest Jobs

      1. Rock Lobster Fishing



      Three young Brits work as deck-hands on a rock lobster fishing boat in Australia.

      First shown: 24 Feb 2015

    1. Mongrels

      Series 1: Episode 1



      Destiny joins owner Gary for the canine horror show that is Strictly Dog Dancing.

      First shown: 22 Jun 2010

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