What Scares You?



I’m not scared of death, I am excited to see what my next life brings, but I’m scared of what will bring me death. Having to wait for 2-4 minutes before drowning, choking, etc. Having to feel a searing pain while being smashed against the ground, stabbed by a knife… Wow, I really do have fears!


Why death? Are you not afraid of problems? Everyday you wake up and got to do your job like always. You worry that you might encounter a worst problem in life that would make you suffer a lot like, not eating food everyday, not having a descent house, not having a job to gain money, and being thirsty everyday. If your dead, what would you worry?


The scariest thing about death is that we don’t know what happens. Do we go to a place like Heaven? Do we get reincarnated? Do we just not live again and lie down? There are so many questions still unanswered about death. – MasterHand


The most scary thing that could happen for me is to grow old and become weak. I want to be strong and young even before my death.

The Unknown
Does megalodons count – AwesomeJawson

Even if you are biologically death and you feels nothingness, the nothingness itself still a feelings and that makes you feels alive. What makes people’s really death is when they are forgotten or the existence is erased. Yet the most scariest thing is the unknown of what will happen and what will it cause. Like, thinking about how will you die is scarier than how death feels like. The unknown also will squirming inside in our head with ‘What if? ‘, which is uncountable possibilities…


This should be in the top ten. Mostly people are only scared of the dark because what might come out is unknown. It’s simply a terrifying thing, as you have no control or power over what happens. Therefore, people tend to be scared of things like the dark or their future because it is all unknown.


When something is unknown to us we see it as sinister and horrifying: What lies hidden in the dark, what others may think of us, when we don’t know how what we do will turn out for example. People are always afraid of what they do not understand.

The Dark
Man, my imagination in the dark is petrifying. – Aleca


I used to be scared of the dark, until I learned that I shouldn’t be scared of anything. – MasterHand


I used to have to sleep with the lights on till, I finally got over that and turned the lights off, but I’m still afraid. I’m afraid the lights will be off, I’ll be asleep and a robber will come through my window. I’m pathetic. I’m also scared of death though. – Luckys


I used to be afraid of the dark – ElSherlock

Loved Ones Dying
I always fear this will happen – DrayTopTens

I used to get worried everyday because of this. – MasterHand


If death didn’t exist, hitler and like, a million other serial killers would still be alive. There is one question that no one can ever decide from… would you rather know WHEN you died, or HOW you died?
That’s an easy question, I would definitely want to know when to die, and when that time comes I would be able to expect how it happens based on my status. Also knowing the time will give me the chance to do what needs to be done before dying, knowing the how will only make me anxious and more scared of the unknown future. – beetle

Physical pain to me is more painful than emotional pain. – Luckys


It hurts – ElSherlock


I worry more about physical pain than emotional pain.


I can handle physical pain. What I’m really scared about is emotional pain. It’s happened to me. I’ve had to cry for hours at end, all alone. Believe me, no one wants this to happen to them. It feels like death. All you want is death when it happens. It is death.
It’s been really hard for me. Imagine people teasing you just because you like different things. Imagine that all you want is to be treated equally and for someone to love you, but you get hate instead. This is part of my everyday life. I blame my gym teacher. I’m just that bad at sports, okay? Leave me alone! You’re embarrassing me.
Sorry, that last part was unnecessary. But it’s just because I’m bullied for being bad at sports.

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