Top Haunted Houses in the United States and UK


  • Ancient Ram Inn, in Gloucestershire. It has been featured on various paranormal television programmes.
  • Belgrave Hall in Leicester, attracted attention in 1999 when a white figure was captured on CCTV. One theory is it is the daughter of a former owner.[1]

Borley Rectory in 1892






Northern Ireland[edit]

SpringhillMoneymoreCounty Londonderry


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House is quite a common thing which is the basic need of every person for a living, but haunted house is not a different thing in the society. There are different places of the world are known because of their paranormal activities happening there. These houses are located in different places of the world but in this article, we will mainly talk about the houses located only in America.

Haunted places have much higher value in the market which is used for different purposes which include for conducting different theme parties and mainly Halloween. These houses are also used for as set for the recording of different horror movies and made these places famous all around the world. There are different stories which are related to these places, and almost everyone knows them, and people there have heard different types of noises as well. Scary places are famous for different scary sounds and the different activities of ghosts which scared the people to much extent.
The following are top 10 most famous haunted houses located in America:

10. Croke-Patterson Mansion:

Croke-Patterson Mansion looks like a big castle not an ordinary house and it was constructed in 1890. It is enhanced with multiple turrets and windows and is named as the territory of spirits. In 1970, this castle was under renovation, and the owner has brought 3 dogs for the safety of the place and then the next morning all 3 dogs were found dead outside the house. The visitors and resident of this castle have faced different sounds of crying baby and many other which has given the title of the haunted house to this mansion.

9. Labadie Mansion:

Labadie Mansion is the one which is not complete building now as it only consist of few brick walls, and all this is now ruined because of the ghosts stories related to it. It is named after the legend building which was constructed in 1893 and 1935 it was declared as the haunted house because of the family living in it has faced different paranormal activities in it and sounds of ghosts as well. It has no stories of murder related to it but people who died in it, it is said their souls are wandering there.

8. Rotherwood Mansion:

Rotherwood Mansion is named confirmed home of two ghosts among which one of them is scary while the second one is sad. It is said that it has a ghost which is a lady in walks in it with the white clothes. It was the wedding of the daughter of the owner of this house who was drowned before her wedding and was said she has committed suicide. The outer portion of this mansion has faced the wandering of wounded horse which has scared the people to much more extent.

7. Moss Mansion:

Moss Mansion is the building which was constructed in 1903 with the latest technology which includes call button system for the servants etc. which is a much amazing thing. The name of this mansion was kept in the name of its owner called Preston Moss who was a banker and newspaper founder. This mansion has witnessed different deaths in the family living there and some tragic loss of their kids as well. All these tragic deaths have created many paranormal activities in it.

6. Ferry Plantation House:

Ferry Plantation House is the one which is constructed in Virginia Beach and was much crowded in past, but it is said that almost 11 spirits are seen wandering there in 1830. According to some people, it is said that it was considered as the best place for the dancing ball parties and different manifests. Some people have witnessed that ghosts have lightened the fire in the brick place. It is the place for many paranormal activities which is open for the public tours to witness it.

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