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Time travel is the travel through time to the past or future. The idea of time travel is a common theme in science fiction.

  • Outlander theories why did Claire Fraser time travel 1700s revealed Starz

    Outlander theories: Why did Claire originally travel to the 1700s? Real reason revealed

  • avengers endgame plot hole captain america die death time travel joe russo marvel disney

    Avengers Endgame plot hole: Captain America time travel error solved by Joe Russo

  • albert einstein time travel past general relativity space black hole discovery spt

    Einstein time travel theory boosted with ‘path to past’ found before black hole collision

  • Outlander season 6 Jamie Fraser time travel confirmed Sam Heughan Starz video

    Outlander season 6: Jamie Fraser time travel ‘confirmed’ as actor drops exciting teaser

  • time travel neil degrasse tyson black hole space albert einstein general relativity spt

    Time travel breakthrough as Neil deGrasse Tyson proposes huge ‘leap forward’

  • brian cox science news wormholes time travel stephen hawking physics space joe rogan spt

    Brian Cox exposed how wormholes ‘can’t work’ in major blow to time travel bid

  • Outlander season 6 Young Ian time travel stone clue John Bell Otter Tooth Starz video

    Outlander season 6: Young Ian to time travel as fans spot major stone clue

  • Outlander season 6 Brianna Fraser return future time travel Roger MacKenzie spoilers

    Outlander season 6: Brianna Fraser returns to future as star drops ‘modern’ hint

  • stephen hawking black holes science news time travel spacetime universe spt

    Stephen Hawking’s groundbreaking ‘time travel’ theory using black hole ‘trick’ explained

  • Outlander theories Jamie Fraser try follow Claire Fraser future time travel evg

    Outlander theories: Did Jamie try to follow Claire to the future after surviving Culloden?

  • Rick and Morty clone Space Beth season 5 theory spoilers finale Adult Swim video ont

    Rick and Morty theories: Rick knows which Beth is which as fans tip time travel twist

  • Captain America returning Infinity Stones time travel Marvel Chris Evans return

    Captain America RETURN ‘in works at Marvel’ to ‘explore his return of Infinity Stones’

  • Outlander plot hole Claire Fraser time travel mistake uncovered season 1 Starz video

    Outlander plot hole: Glaring Claire Fraser time travel mistake uncovered in first episode

  • time travel possible grandfather paradox klook evg

    Time travel tickets being offered for when technology becomes available

  • Freddie Mercury Elvis Presley John Lennon Princess Diana UK poll time travel

    Freddie Mercury TOPS Elvis and John Lennon in poll of dead stars Brits would want to meet

  • Outlander Jamie ghost theories Claire Randall time travel Jamie Fraser death evg

    Outlander Jamie ghost theories: Did Claire time travel back to stop Jamie Fraser’s death?

  • Rick and Morty theories Rick Sanchez time travel Diane wife explained Adult Swim video ont

    Rick and Morty theories: Rick’s wife Diane explains why he hates time travel – here’s how

  • Dark season 3 explained How Adam build time travel machine in past series evg

    Dark season 3 explained: How did Adam build a time travel machine in the past?

  • Stranger Things 4 season production filming time travel announcement Netflix video

    Stranger Things teases time travel twist as season four production officially resumes

  • time travel paradox solved grandfather paradox einstein

    Time travel paradox SOLVED: Physicist reveals time can heal itself

  • Outlander series finale Outlander ending time travel loop theory explained

    Outlander series finale: Will Outlander end with a time travel loop? Theory explained

  • Dark season 3 ending explained Does time travel still exist Knot destroyed Netflix series

    Dark season 3 ending explained: Does time travel still exist after the Knot?

  • Back to the Future theory Marty McFly parents time travel George McFly Lorraine McFly

    Back to the Future theory: Marty McFly parents George and Lorraine KNEW he time-travelled

  • Tenet film IMAX review time travel make sense explained tickets booking Pattinson Brannagh

    Tenet IMAX review: Christopher Nolan’s temporal blockbuster is a waste of time

  • Tenet spoiler-free review James Bond inversion Christopher Nolan John David Washington

    Tenet spoiler-free review: James Bond-inspired popcorn THRILLS amid timey-wimey complexity

  • justice league snyder cut the flash panel time travel speed force superman black trailer

    Justice League Snyder Cut: The Flash REVISITS time travel as Speed Force details emerge

  • X-Men movie timeline Days of Future Past Kitty Pryde Deadpool time travel

    X-Men movie timeline: Fans LOVE new theory explaining those confusing plot hole problems

  • Outlander season 6 Claire Fraser new time traveller Sam Heughan spoilers starz video

    Outlander season 6: Claire Fraser rocked by new time traveller as star drops big spoiler

  • The Umbrella Academy Aidan Gallagher Number Five timeline blunder season 2 Netflix video

    The Umbrella Academy plot hole: Number Five’s time travel powers baffle fans ‘Confused!’

  • time travel discovery butterfly effect quantum mechanics supercomputer qubit

    Time travel breakthrough: No evidence of ‘butterfly effect’ in quantum mechanics study

  • Back to the Future Bob Gale Avengers Endgame time travel Russo Brothers

    Back to the Future creator HITS BACK at Avengers Endgame time travel jibe

  • Outlander season 6 Jamie Fraser time travel Diana Gabaldon fate

    Outlander season 6: Will Jamie Fraser time travel? Author confirms fate

  • Outlander theories Claire Fraser gemstone watch help time travel explained Starz

    Outlander: How did Claire Fraser time travel without a gemstone? Watch theory uncovered

  • Outlander Brianna Fraser Frank Randall secret plan time travel Sophie Skelton Starz

    Outlander’s Brianna Fraser star reveals Frank’s secret plan for her to time travel

  • time travel news us military time machine white noise of space white oaks dr steven greer

    The secret US military device for seeing the past within a specific location

  • outlander diana gabaldon jamie fraser time travel go tell the bees release date news

    Outlander: Diana Gabaldon drops bombshell on Jamie Fraser time travelling

Russian Cosmonaut already lives in FUTURE – proving time travel IS possible
TIME travel is possible and has already happened, according to several reputable physicists.
By Sean Martin
PUBLISHED: 07:07, Mon, Aug 7, 2017 | UPDATED: 12:02, Mon, Aug 7, 2017
Time travel is possible and has already happened
One way to achieve time travel into the future would be travelling at the speed of light in space, as first theorised by Albert Einstein.
Indeed Cosmonaut Sergei Krikalev technically lives in the future due to his extended period on the International Space Station.
After spending almost 804 days in space arrived back in Earth 0.02 seconds in the future thanks to a process known as time dilation.
Under accepted theories of time travel engineers would have to build a space ship which could travel at the speed of light (186,000 miles-per-SECOND), and head out into space.

Theoretical physicist and string theorist Brian Greene, of Columbia University, said: “You can build a spaceship, go out into space [and travel] near the speed of light, turn around and come back.
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