The Rite Trivia


Mikael Håfström attended exorcisms to prepare for directing this movie. He was not allowed to witness them, but he could hear what was happening from outside the door.99 of 100 found this interesting | Share thisThe language Istvan Kovak (Rutger Hauer) speaks is Hungarian. It can be translated as: “My love, my flower, my bliss.”48 of 50 found this interesting | Share thisShipped to theaters under the code name “Denial”.34 of 37 found this interesting | Share thisThe first trailer for this movie featured music from Wojciech Kilar‘s score of Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992), which also featured Sir Anthony Hopkins.32 of 36 found this interesting | Share thisSir Anthony Hopkins and Toby Jones have played Sir Alfred Hitchcock. Hopkins and Jones’ father, Freddie Jones, appeared in The Elephant Man (1980).21 of 31 found this interesting | Share thisThe “Redemption Theatre” seen towards the beginning is the Lyric Theatre at 12952 Western Avenue in Blue Island, Illinois.11 of 16 found this interesting | Share thisCiarán Hinds played a Priest in this movie, and played the devil named “Roarke” in Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (2011).11 of 17 found this interesting | Share thisAlice Braga (Angeline) is the niece of Sonia Braga (Kiss of the Spider Woman (1985)).15 of 25 found this interesting | Share thisFranco Nero was in the announced cast.13 of 22 found this interesting | Share thisThe film is based off a book, which centres around real-life priest Father Gary Thomas from California. He was tasked by his bishop to become the diocesan exorcist and so was sent to Rome to learn how to do it.1 of 1 found this interesting | Share thisSir Anthony Hopkins and Toby Jones appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.3 of 10 found this interesting | Share thisThe hymn that Father Lucas is singing near the end when Michael enters the room is “Jesu, Lover of my Soul”, a Wesleyan Methodist hymn popular in Hopkins’ native Wales. It is sung to the tune “Aberystwyth” written by fellow Welshman Joseph Parry. Both hymn and tune have interesting histories. Aberystwyth later developed into African liberation anthem “Nkosi sikelel i’Afrika” and part of the South African national anthem.1 of 2 found this interesting | Share this


The trivia items below may give away important plot points.The writing on Father Lucas Trevant’s (Sir Anthony Hopkins’) wall (“Fi sydd biau fe nawr”) is Welsh (just like Hopkins), and translates to “He belongs to me now”, which is what Lucas utters when he is possessed.65 of 65 found this interesting | Share thisThe image used to describe the demon Baal is usually that of a man, a cat, a toad, or a combination of all of them. Father Lucas Trevant’s (Sir Anthony Hopkins’) house is infested with cats, as well as toads in the fountain.87 of 88 found this interesting | Share thisWhen Father Lucas Trevant (Sir Anthony Hopkins) hands Michael Kovak (Colin O’Donaghue) the umbrella and says, “it’s going to rain”, on a clear day, foreshadows the fact that Father Lucas is possessed. Earlier, he had told Michael that the easiest way to tell if someone is possessed is if they can know the unknown.30 of 31 found this interesting | Share thisIn the climax, Michael Kovak (a seminarian) performs the exorcism on Father Lucas. However this would not be possible in the real world. In order for an exorcism to take place, it must be done by an ordained priest who has the explicit permission and deputized authority of his bishop. As the Bishops are the successors of the apostles who recieved their authority to exorcise from Christ. To do an exorcism without being ordained and having such permission is both illegal in canon law, and extremely dangerous. As the demon would be able to fight back freely and could cause serious harm to the would-be exorcist. There are many documented cases of such a thing occuring.