The new Mutants Quotes


30 Of The BEST The New Mutants Quotes

The New Mutants Quotes

The New Mutants dropped in theaters TODAY, August 28th and I had a chance to go see it.  It is a terrifying thriller that will have you reliving your worst nightmares.  Of course I wrote down some of my favorite and most freightening movie quotes for you.  So, check out this list of terrifying and my most favorite The New Mutants quotes.

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The New Mutants Quotes

Inside every person there are two bears. One bear is all the good things, compassion, love trust. The other is all the bad things, fear, shame, self-destruction. –Dani

I know you are scared but you are safe now. –Dr. Reyes

You are the soul survivor of a terrible tragedy. –Dr. Reyes

The reason you survived is because you are a very uncommon girl. –Dr. Reyes

You are not alone, Dani. –Dr. Reyes

No fence. Nothing between you and freedom. –Illyana

This isn’t a hospital, Pocahontas, it’s a cage. And now you are trapped in it forever. –Illyana

I want to get out of here too. But not like this. –Rayne

The New Mutants Quotes

Hey, Standing Rock, you want a buffalo wing? You people love buffalo, don’t you? –Illyana

What’s happening to me? –Dani

That’s why new mutants are danergous, they need to be sequestered for their safety and ours. –Dr. Reyes

It’s imporant we learn what your power is, so we can help you control it. –Dr. Reyes

My dad, he made this for me so I will always remember how small it was when I was born. So I would never be afraid. –Dani

Something’s not right, I am seeing things, terrible nightmares. –Sam

I can see in the dark, follow me. –Rayne

It’s a beautiful cage. –Dani

Somedays it doesn’t feel like you’re real. –Dani

You didn’t make me up. I promise you I am real. –Rayne

We are trapped in here with demons and you want us to stay trapped. –Roberto

You brought this evil here. –Illyana

She’s in our heads. She’ll kill us all. –Illyana

I don’t think this is a hospital. The place I saw, I think that is where we go when we leave, if we leave. –Dani

She wasn’t prepping us to be X-Men, she was prepping us to be killers. –Rayne

Then lets kill the bitch. –Illyana

The New Mutants Quotes

If it wasn’t for me, you all would be dead a long time ago. –Dr. Reyes

She takes your greatest fear, your darkest secret and makes you live it over and over and over until she kills you. –Dr. Reyes

It’s hunting her, Dani. Because it’s what she fears. –Rayne

Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my. –Illyana

You’re bigger. –Dani’s Dad

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