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Alison Lohman did almost all of her own stunts.142 of 144 found this interesting | Share thisThe Yellow Delta 88 is the same car used in the Evil Dead films.176 of 181 found this interesting | Share thisWhen Sylvia Ganush attacks Christine in her car, Sylvia curses in Hungarian, “Az ördög szálljon beléd!” (“Shall the devil fly into you!”) She also uses the Hungarian word “szajha” two times (the word means “bitch” or “whore” in English).100 of 103 found this interesting | Share thisThe script was written after Sam Raimi and Ivan Raimi completed Army of Darkness (1992), but Sam pursued other projects before returning to this.91 of 94 found this interesting | Share thisOn the way to the cemetery, Christine says, “I’m going to get some,” which is a reference to Ash’s line, “Come get some!” in The Evil Dead (1981) series.92 of 96 found this interesting | Share thisIn the movie, Shaun San Dena (Adriana Barraza) mentions her late husband Sander, a reference to both Sam Raimi‘s older sibling, Sander Raimi, who died in a swimming accident at age fifteen while on a trip to Israel, and his oldest nephew, Sander Rubin.49 of 50 found this interesting | Share thisThe license plate of Sylvia Ganush’s car is 99951. When it is turned upside-down, it reads IS666.100 of 105 found this interesting | Share thisA “lamia” is actually a bogey-woman from Greek mythology who stalks the countryside looking for children to devour; it was a story used to get young children into their beds at bedtime.39 of 40 found this interesting | Share thisElliot Page was cast as Christine, but dropped out to star in Whip It (2009).83 of 89 found this interesting | Share thisThe Ganush family are Hungarian gypsies. Sam Raimi and Ivan Raimi have Hungarian Jews among their ancestors.45 of 47 found this interesting | Share thisWhen Clay Dalton mentions traveling to his parents’ cabin that has trees and is private, this is a direct reference to the cabin used in The Evil Dead (1981) and Evil Dead II (1987).91 of 99 found this interesting | Share thisThe movie begins with the 1980s Universal logo, which refers to when director Sam Raimi got started in the horror genre with the first two “Evil Dead” movies. After the credits, there is also the title card that says to take a tour of Universal Studios. This was also used in the 1980s in other Universal movies, such as An American Werewolf in London (1981).66 of 71 found this interesting | Share thisSam Raimi‘s friend Bruce Campbell, who appeared in some fashion in every other film Raimi directed, turned down a role because he was busy with his TV show Burn Notice (2007).64 of 69 found this interesting | Share thisIn preparation for her role in this film, Alison Lohman watched many horror films. Lohman states, “I watched horror classics every day.” She goes on to say, “I would just sit there, turn off the lights, and watch films like ‘The Shining’.”18 of 18 found this interesting | Share thisIn Christine’s house is a picture of a boat that resembles Anchor Bay’s corporate logo. This company released many special editions of The Evil Dead (1981) trilogy by Sam Raimi.38 of 41 found this interesting | Share thisLalo Schifrin‘s “The Exorcist Symphony” was never used (except for one trailer for The Exorcist (1973)), but it is heard in the film when Christine is at the diner close to the end.23 of 24 found this interesting | Share thisIn order to avoid an R rating, a few of the scenes involving a lot of blood had to be trimmed down. The extended version of these scenes are in the unrated cut.14 of 14 found this interesting | Share thisMilos is apparently San Dena’s nephew. He twice addresses her as “tetichko” which means “auntie” in Serbian or Czech.38 of 42 found this interesting | Share thisThis film is Justin Long‘s second horror film. Long’s first horror film is Jeepers Creepers (2001). Long’s two horror films that follow this film are After.Life (2009) and Tusk (2014).13 of 13 found this interesting | Share thisDileep Rao came up with the titles for various books that his character Rham Jas has written.24 of 26 found this interesting | Share thisThe Greek letters surrounding the walls of the Great Room (where they hold the séance) are taken from the Book of Revelation, Chapter 12. Translated they read: “And they conquered by the blood of the Lamb; wherefore rejoice heavens, woe to earth and sea; for the devil has come down to you having great wrath, knowing his time is short.” San Dena paraphrases this passage in Spanish when she drives the demon from Milos. For instance, “Lo venceremos por la sangre del Cordero” means “We will defeat him by the blood of the Lamb”.29 of 32 found this interesting | Share thisThe “drag me to hell” idea actually comes from a couple of different folklore stories. The furies, or eurynes were figures of vegence in Greek mythology. When summoned by people who were wronged or victimized in some way they would wreak vengeance on the wrongdoer for a period of time until they killed themselves; and then torture and terrorize them in the Underworld. The “drag me to hell” idea also comes from Krampus; a pre-Christian figure in Germany and Austria who accompanies Saint Nicholas on the Eve of December 6th, St. Nicholas Day. While Saint Nicholas would reward good children with gifts, Krampus would drag wicked children to the Underworld. Both of these helped inform the vengeful “Lamia” character in the movie.23 of 25 found this interesting | Share thisClay (Justin Long) can be seen using various products by Apple Inc. In real life, Long is a spokesperson for Apple’s “I’m a Mac” advertising campaign.51 of 60 found this interesting | Share thisA puppet goat was used in the dialogue scenes for the séance sequence.37 of 43 found this interesting | Share thisBefore deciding to direct the film himself, Sam Raimi asked Edgar Wright to direct. However, Wright was busy with production on Hot Fuzz (2007) and he felt that he wasn’t right as director for this movie.10 of 10 found this interesting | Share thisThis film is the only PG-13 rated horror film directed by Sam Raimi.14 of 15 found this interesting | Share thisAlison Lohman stated to The Daily Record that shooting the film was such hard work that she had to drink shots of tequila every night just get some sleep.13 of 14 found this interesting | Share thisWhen Sylvia Ganush attacks Christine in her car, Sylvia uses the Hungarian word “szajha” two times. The word means bitch or whore in English. She says it for the first time after her face has been stapled, the second time she says it right after she breaks Christine’s car’s window with a brick. When Christine first sees Sylvia in her car, Sylvia says in English: “You shamed me.” Grabs Christine’s hair, pulls her back and tells her this time in Hungarian: “Te szégyentelen”, literal translation would be: “You shameless”.27 of 33 found this interesting | Share thisOctavia Spencer is one of the bank customers in the background when Mr. Gunish is being led out of the bank.14 of 16 found this interesting | Share thisRUNNING GAG: When something horrifying happens, objects or fluids end up going into Christine’s mouth in a dramatic fashion.10 of 11 found this interesting | Share thisFilming began in Tarzana, California in a vacant former bank which stood in for the Wilshire Pacific Bank.18 of 22 found this interesting | Share thisThe sequence with Christine Brown stuck in Mrs. Ganush’s grave during the raging thunder storm was filmed at the end of production.26 of 34 found this interesting | Share thisSam Raimi named David Paymer‘s character after his long time friend producer James Jacks.15 of 19 found this interesting | Share thisThe maggots that Mrs. Ganush throws up on Christine during her nightmare is actually made out of pasta.8 of 9 found this interesting | Share thisTo prepare for her role as Mrs. Ganush, Lorna Raver worked with a Hungarian dialect coach. Raver asked the coach to translate portions of the script into Hungarian. This came in handy because director Sam Raimi asked Raver to use some of the Hungarian words in the scenes where Mrs. Ganush torments and attacks Christine.4 of 4 found this interesting | Share thisChristine was originally named Stephanie in the 2007 draft of the screenplay.4 of 5 found this interesting | Share thisCritics complained that this was a misogynistic backlash type warning to women not to be too ambitious; that women have to stay in the helper/servant type mode, and if they try to get competitive or flex a little corporate strength in the office, the way men do all the time, they will get sent to Hell.34 of 71 found this interesting | Share thisJustin Long stated that his character, Clay, reminded him of his father. Long states, “My dad’s a philosophy professor, and he’s very rational…very stoic and logical.” He goes on to say, “He comes from the school of thought that there’s an explanation for everything. I had to tap into somebody who is just a bit more right-brained in their thinking. I’m the first to believe anything: Nessie, Bigfoot, ghosts. I feel like there is supernatural stuff all around me.”2 of 2 found this interesting | Share thisCinematographer Peter Deming made sure that Alison Lohman‘s face had extreme closeups to give her character, Christine, a sense of constant fear and to focus on the relationship the audience has with the character. Deming states, “From the beginning, Sam [Raimi] and I talked about being with her as much as we subjectively could throughout the film”. He further states, “We stayed right on Alison’s face a lot of the time. We covered scenes and gave her extra-tight close-ups because we want the audience to be in her place.”2 of 2 found this interesting | Share thisThe film’s cast includes two Oscar nominees-Adriana Barraza-and David Paymer-and one Oscar winner-Octavia Spencer.2 of 2 found this interesting | Share thisThe name of the medium in the film, Rham Jas, is similar to Ram Dass, the name adopted by Harvard psychologist Richard Alpert when he became a new-age spiritual guru.13 of 26 found this interesting | Share thisSam Raimi and Ivan Raimi had written the screenplay for the film back in the 1990s which was titled, “The Curse”. They had planned to make the film after completing Army of Darkness (1992), but other projects had gotten in the way. After some time, they were finally able to shoot the film.1 of 1 found this interesting | Share thisThe name Christine means “follower of Christ”.3 of 6 found this interesting | Share thisThis is the first film that was released in 2009 that starred Justin Long. The second film is After.Life (2009).1 of 2 found this interesting | Share thisThis shares the same plotline as a couple old 70s sitcoms. In The Evil Eye, a 1976 episode of Happy Days, Big Al is terrorized by a gypsy in the same way Christine is in this movie. The gypsy comes in to Arnolds; she and Al get in a nasty fight; and she winds up putting a death curse on him. Horrible and threatening things start happening in Al’s life; and eventually goes to an exorcist to save himself. This is almost the exact same plot as Drag me to Hell! There was an old 1977 episode of Alice called the Hex, which had Alice getting into a fight with a gypsy customer at Mel’s Diner that she was serving, and the gypsy put a death curse on her as well; until she confronts the old woman at the end. It’s pretty clear Sam Raimi borrowed these plotlines; this is too big of a coincidence!2 of 13 found this interesting | Share this


Ted Raimi: Sam’s brother makes an off-screen cameo as a doctor. Their brother Ivan (also the co-screenwriter of this and several other Sam Raimi-directed films) really is a practicing doctor of osteopathic medicine.41 of 44 found this interesting | Share thisScott Spiegel: Writer of Evil Dead II (1987) Scott Spiegel appears as a mourner at the death feast.31 of 34 found this interesting | Share thisChristopher Young: The composer of the musical score can be briefly seen eating a cupcake outside the bakery Christine looks into on her way to her work at the beginning of the film.24 of 27 found this interesting | Share this

Director Cameo 

Sam Raimi: A spirit during the exorcism scene.77 of 79 found this interesting | Share this

Director Trademark 

Sam Raimi: [Oldsmobile] Raimi’s 1973 Oldsmobile Delta 88, also known as the Classic, appears in the movie as Sylvia Ganush’s car.55 of 57 found this interesting | Share this


The trivia items below may give away important plot points.In the grave scene near the end, it’s a different girl playing the character of Christine. The camera cuts away from Alison Lohman, the original actress, then cuts back to a stand-in as she climbs out of Mrs. Ganush’s grave.36 of 38 found this interesting | Share thisIn 2019, ten years after the film’s release, when asked by Bloody Disgusting if there would be a sequel to this film, director Sam Raimi said that he doesn’t have a story in mind. He states, “Oh, well, if somebody had a good story. I don’t have a story, because, in my mind, the character got killed, and worse. So I didn’t know how to proceed with a sequel.” Raimi goes on to say, “Usually, for me, I’m left with a character like Bruce Campbell, that I’m really interested [in] or like, or a concept that really feels like it needs to continue. But this is such a definitive ending that in my mind, I didn’t know where to start with a sequel.”17 of 17 found this interesting | Share thisBody Count: 57 of 7 found this interesting | Share thisIn the séance scene where the lamia possesses Milos, he says, “Hrísník!” three times, which is a Czech way of saying “sinner” or a vulgur of saying “naughty”. And then he says “prisel tvuj cas “. Again, it’s Czech and it means “your time has come”.12 of 15 found this interesting | Share thisThe film’s plot borrows heavily from Jacques Tourneur‘s film, Night of the Demon (1957) (aka “Curse of the Demon” in the US), that was based on the story, “Casting the Runes” by M.R. James. In that movie, a man (Dana Andrews) was cursed by being given a piece of parchment inscribed with cursed runic symbols. The person given the parchment is then pursued by a demon for a set number of days before the demon kills them at an appointed time. This film also ends up in virtually the same type of location and with the same style demise. However, neither the 1957 film nor the original writer are credited in this film.21 of 30 found this interesting | Share thisThe main character, Christine Brown, is shown to be battling actual demons throughout most of the film. However, judging by the imagery and her behavior, she’s also battling mental demons concerning an eating disorder that’s heavily implied through subtle and obvious cues. The eating disorder that Christine is suffering from is believed to be bulimia nervosa. Many scenes have clues that showcase this. For example:

  • When Christine is walking to work after parking her car, she stops in front of a window of a bakery shop and stares at the presented desserts and pastries for a few seconds before quickly walking away. She has a brief look of longing when she’s looking at the sweets. Even though it didn’t seem so at first, this is the first indication shown that Christine has some sort of issue with food.
  • Christine is seen mainly drinking water and coffee throughout the film. In particular, during the scenes where she visits Clay at his job during her lunch break and when she’s in the break room with her boss, Mr. Jacks, and co-worker, Stu, after delivering their sandwiches, she’s drinking either water or coffee, but not eating anything.
  • The appearance of Mrs. Ganush is thought to be a representation of what Christine will look like in the future if she doesn’t get help for her eating disorder. Mrs. Ganush is depicted as weak, frail, and pale looking while having discolored nails, missing teeth, and thinning hair. At one point during the appointment, Mrs. Ganush briefly throws up in her handkerchief. The handkerchief itself represents the cleansing of a purge in this instance. Some of the main symptoms of eating disorders like bulimia nervosa are brittle nails, discoloration of teeth (from constant vomiting), and thinning hair.
  • When Christine is walking to her car after work, she’s startled by sudden noises. When listened to closely, the noises are of someone coughing or vomiting. This sound is accompanied by a floating handkerchief and a car which is later revealed to belonging to Mrs. Ganush. This image and the accompanying noises represent Christine’s subconsciousness of how her constantly purging her body is taking over her life. Then, when Christine is attacked in her car by Mrs. Ganush, Ganush pulls and rips some of Christine’s hair out and seemingly tries to eat her face without her dentures. People who suffer from eating disorders for long periods end up suffering from a series of health issues such as hair loss and dental issues. Since Mrs. Ganush represents Christine’s future, this scene is symbolically showing Christine being confronted by her possible future.
  • When Christine is at home baking a harvest cake for Clay’s parents, she’s closing a cookbook she was using when a picture of her as a child falls out of it. The picture reveals that Christine was an overweight child and was at a farm fair surrounded by farm animals such as pigs. Indignantly, she crumbles up the photo as if to deny her past. Just as soon as she does so, she starts hearing sounds in the kitchen. Among the sounds are pots and pans banging loudly. The pots and pans represent food. Shortly thereafter, a demonic, shape-shifting figure that resembles a farm animal attacks her.
  • Later that night, while Christine and Clay were sleeping in her bed, from what we perceive, a fly crawls inside one of her nostrils and then out the other and finally into her mouth. The fly represents the decay of flesh and death. The fly was foreshadowing Christine’s eventual fate due to her not taking her eating disorder seriously to where she must seek help. At one point during Christine’s nightmare, a decaying-looking Mrs. Ganush attacks her and vomits maggots and goo onto her. It is believed that in actuality, this is Christine constantly vomiting that night.
  • At work, the next day, Christine’s stomach growls constantly. It’s representing Christine’s starvation. It also represents the fly manifesting itself in her body and the probable eventual decay of her body. At one point during a meeting, Christine snaps at Stu mainly due to her imagining his hand as Mrs. Ganush’s hand. Other symptoms of eating disorders include skipping meals, drinking excessive amounts of non-caloric beverages like water, and severe mood swings brought on by extreme self starvation. Moments later, when Christine suddenly has a massive nose bleed at work and the blood sprays onto Mr. Jacks, he and the others around don’t seem to react in a manner that’s expected when someone is bleeding extremely profusely from their nose. This seems to indicate that she regularly has nose bleeds at work and the massive nose bleed may be partially in her mind because it’s a traumatic occurrence to her while others aren’t too bothered. In the extended cut of the film during this scene, the blood also flows out of her mouth in a manner that looks as if she’s vomiting blood. The most likely reason for her nose bleed (and blood regurgitation) is due to calcium deficiency and not ingesting the necessary nutrients her body needs. Horrified and embarrassed, she promptly leaves work early. Despite this, instead of being angry with her, Mr. Jacks appeared quite concerned about her. When she goes to visit Mrs. Ganush’s home shortly thereafter, her shirt is shown to be partially covered in blood.
  • Mrs. Ganush’s granddaughter answers the door and tells her in the middle of their conversation that she used to be “a real fat girl”. Christine appears mortified at this statement, indicating that she doesn’t want people to know about her past as an overweight girl. Not too long afterwards, when Christine accidentally trips and falls on Mrs. Ganush’s casket, embalming fluid (and possibly food contents) spews out of the mouth of the corpse in a way that it looks like Mrs. Ganush is vomiting on Christine. When she stands up, there’s no fluid on her, aside from the blood on her shirt. This shows that the corpse “vomiting” on her was in her mind.
  • When Clay visits Christine when she’s burying her cat in her backyard and before their dinner with his parents, he notices blood on her sleeve and becomes very concerned. When he asked her about it, she lies and says that it’s tomato juice. The blood is from her after purging heavily. It’s already implied that her purging is getting dangerous to the point where she’s now vomiting blood, as shown in the bank scene where she has her nose bleed in the extended cut of the film.
  • At Clay’s parents’ home, Christine, while trying to make a good impression on his parents, is hesitant about eating. Though, to impress Clay’s parents, she decides to eat a piece of the cake only to find, from what we perceive, Mrs. Ganush’s eyeball staring at her. She stabs the eye with a fork and blood spills from the cake. Christine then tries to eat the cake and is too disgusted to finish it.
  • In her basement, Christine imagines that she’s seemingly attacked by an even more decaying Mrs. Ganush. Ganush shoves most of her forearm into Christine’s mouth as if to force her to vomit. This symbolically shows that Christine’s disease is getting out of control. In the next scene, when Clay visits Christine before the seánce, she’s eating ice cream. Judging by his statement to her when he sees that she’s eating ice cream, she had previously lied to him about being lactose intolerant. Ice cream is the type of food that those who suffer from eating disorders would eat and eventually purge because it’s easier to regurgitate. This is also notably the first scene she’s seen eating anything without seemingly getting sick.
  • During the botched seánce, Milos becomes possessed by the lamia and torments Christine. The possessed Milos calls her, “…you dirty pork queen!” before vomiting her cat. Regurgitating her cat symbolized both the lamia rejecting Christine’s animal sacrifice and her eating disorder growing increasingly scary.
  • When she’s later in the diner, she’s contemplating who to give her cursed button before she decides to give it to Stu and then, changing her mind. The fact that she chose a diner shows that her illness was getting worse at this point and she couldn’t cope with the hunger. While drinking coffee, she watches other people eat as some form of personal comfort. The waitress serving her ridicules her for only drinking coffee. She ends up eating a chocolate mousse dessert which is another type of food that those with eating disorders would eat and eventually purge. She’s also noticeably weak and pale looking in this scene. And like her angry outburst at Stu, she snaps at the waitress which shows her irritability over the lack of eating properly and starving herself.
  • Later, after she exits Clay’s car when he drops her off, the possessed handkerchief goes down Christine’s throat to which she agonizingly pulls it out as she gags.
  • When she digs up Mrs. Ganush’s grave, she’s actually trying to conquer her demons and prevent her possible future from happening without getting the proper help.
  • Toward the end of the film, when Christine was offered a free cookie sample at the train station, she declines. This shows that she hasn’t truly conquered her problem. This further shows that since she’s still in denial about her eating disorder and refuses to get the proper help, her unfortunate fate was inevitable.

17 of 24 found this interesting | Share thisAs with Carrie (1976) there’s a put upon outcast type heroine who is terrorized by villains for the bulk of the story, there’s an antagonistic wicked stepmother type character who punishes the heroine, the heroine dies and hell is referenced. And the names of the protagonists are very similar. They’re both “C” names with a color as the last name: Carrie White and Christine Brown.17 of 60 found this interesting | Share thisThis film is the first time that Justin Long‘s character was planning on proposing to his girlfriend only to have that tragically averted due to unfortunate circumstances. The second time this occurs is in the film, After.Life (2009). In this film, Long’s character, Clay Dalton, was planning on proposing to his girlfriend, Christine Brown (Alison Lohman), at some point during their destination to his family’s cabin. Unfortunately, due to Christine dealing with being cursed by Mrs. Ganush and dealing with her personal issues, he didn’t get the chance to propose. As a result of the curse finally taking effect, Christine ends up dying at the train station and is dragged to hell while Clay helplessly witnessed the event in shock and anguish. In After.Life (2009), Long’s character, Paul Coleman, was planning on proposing to his girlfriend, Anna Taylor (Christina Ricci), on the night of when she ultimately died due to being involved in a car accident. However, when they had an argument in the restaurant which showed their somewhat contentious relationship and her leaving him in the restaurant right before her fatal accident, he didn’t get the chance to propose. At Anna’s funeral, Paul places the engagement ring on her finger as she laid in her coffin. Furthermore, both films were released in the same year, 2009.1 of 2 found this interesting | Share thisIt’s theorized that the possible real reason why Christine was cursed and heavily tormented and attacked by demonic entities was due to her eating disorder, which is believed to be bulimia nervosa, that’s partially caused by gluttony. Gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins. Christine is shown to have a very uneasy relationship with food and eats or tries to eat whenever the opportunity calls for it instead of doing so to benefit her. She never got the help she needed to overcome her eating disorder due to her believing that she can conquer her issue through unhelpful means and chasing after an unrealistic, ideal perception of herself.1 of 5 found this interesting | Share this

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