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Be aware that the Whole Plant Food Plan will fit in with either the vegan or vegetarian diets but these diets do not always fit into the Flexitarian with loss plan due to the presence of additives or excess amounts of sugar. In fact it is common for foods to be labelled low in fat while containing a large amount of sugar. This type of labelling is common on labels of Diet Cereals and yoghurts.

What you will receive

A schedule for use of the Whole Plant Supplements provided, which are:

Apple Cider vinegar

Turmeric 95% Coumarin & Black pepper extract

Green Tea Extract

Rasberry Ketones

Slimvit- Contains a wide range of vitamins & minarals

SlimDirect Skin patch- Contains a wide range of ingredients.

One weeks menus for the Whole Plant food meals

One weeks menu for the Flexitarian Option meals.

Tape Measure

Bathroom Scales

Food Diary

You can keep a track of your program by weighing yourself once a week or some like to weigh twice per day and draw a graph of the results, you may find this helpful to see if a closer adherence and more effort is needed.

In this flexitarian plan you can build your own menus and can adjust your intake of foods from the lists we provide, supported by food supplements and advice via our website or telephone contact.

The snack course made up from the snacks list should be eaten mid-morning and mid-afternoon.

Remember if you follow the eating plan from the list provided, including the food supplements, hunger should not be a problem and cravings should be reduced.

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