Possession Trivia


The demon in the box speaks Polish.92 of 94 found this interesting | Share thisWhile promoting the film on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (2005) (airdate 8/29/12), Jeffrey Dean Morgan reported that strange incidents took place during production that couldn’t be explained. Lights exploded during the filming of key scenes, and just two days after wrapping principal photography, all of the props for the film, stored in case of re-shoots, were destroyed in a fire that mysteriously erupted from within the storage-house.122 of 134 found this interesting | Share thisThe book that the father brings into the house and reads at Emma’s bedside is the ArtScroll/Mesorah edition of the Tenach (Jewish Bible = Old Testament), first published in 1996, and he is reading from the English translation of Psalm 91. That edition follows the Orthodox affectation of using “HaShem” (literally, ‘THE Name’) where most other English versions have “The Lord”; the same substitution occurs in the Hebrew prayers recited in the synagogue and exorcism scenes.30 of 33 found this interesting | Share thisWas originally rated-R by the MPAA for “violence, terror, and disturbing images” but the film was eventually edited to receive a PG-13 rating for “mature thematic material involving violence and disturbing sequences”.32 of 37 found this interesting | Share thisFilm debut of Matisyahu.22 of 25 found this interesting | Share thisJeffrey Dean MorganRob LaBelle, and Jay Brazeau previously collaborated on Watchmen (2009).12 of 17 found this interesting | Share thisStephen SuscoMoira Buffini, and E.L. Katz worked on previous versions of the script.12 of 23 found this interesting | Share this


The trivia items below may give away important plot points.At the end, when the demon in the box is speaking after the car crash, it says “So many mushrooms, sitting in the grass”.71 of 73 found this interesting | Share thisThe Demon’s name, Abyzou means “the taker of children.” It is said that Abyzou is an entity envious of fertility because she herself was infertile. She bears no theological relation to Pazuzu, who is distinctly a male demon with intrinsically phallic imagery.14 of 15 found this interesting | Share thisIn the final scene, after the accident, the line that the box is chanting in Polish — “So many mushrooms, in the grass sitting…” — is derived from a Polish nursery rhyme. According to fans in Poland, it would be like the box creepily singing “Ring around the rosey”. The original song goes: “Mushrooms growing in the grass, mushrooms in the grass, mushrooms in the grass. And they look at the world curiously and look at the world curiously. What will it be, what will it be? So many mushrooms grow everywhere. What will it be, what will it be? So many mushrooms grow everywhere. Children are walking with baskets with baskets, with baskets, let’s hide behind the bushes, let’s hide behind the bushes. Quiet, quietly quietly, Quick, fast, very fast.”9 of 9 found this interesting | Share thisIn the scene in the dark parking lot, where Emily is talking to her “friend in the box”, just before it possesses the girl, the box is saying (in Polish): “Can I take you? Can I live in you?”.7 of 7 found this interesting | Share thisIn the final scenes, Em hides in the hospital’s morgue. A hospital’s morgue plays a crucial part in Nightwatch (1997), also directed by Ole Bornedal.

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