Halloween Parties & Fun
Halloween is a holiday that screams for a big party and some real scary fun. The shorter days in October allow for more nighttime party hours and the cool weather is comfortable for dressing up in costumes. If you’re ready to plan the perfect Halloween party, we’ve got lots of ideas for themes, activities, and games for both kids and adults. Just how scary is it going to be? That’s for you to decide.

10 Favorite Things about Halloween
There’s plenty of things to love about Halloween and the autumn season. This list wraps up our top 10 favorites and why they make us so happy.
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10 Scary Movies for Adults on Halloween
We’ve prepared a frightful list for a Halloween movie night. Take your pick. Lock your windows and doors. Pop your popcorn. Any of these will certainly entertain your scary bone.
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13 Halloween Destinations to Die For
Learn haunted history, explore paranormal hotspots, and find old ghosts when you visit 13 of the scariest Halloween destinations in the United States.
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Bonfire Safety Tips
Ready to turn up the heat? Here’s how to warm things up with a fun fire, without risking the safety of your guests.
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Fun Activities for Adults
Grown-ups love Halloween too and here’s some sure ways for them to regress and have some good, old-fashioned Halloween fun.
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Get Organized for Halloween
Have a fun Halloween season with these 10 spooktacular tips for party planning and entertainment.
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Learn all you need to know about ghosting the neighborhood, instructions, and a cute little poem to spread the Halloween spirit.
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Halloween Party Activities and Games for Kids
It’s a mixed bag on this page. Here, you’ll find entertainment ideas for guests of every age for indoor and outdoor parties.
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Halloween Party Planning
Not sure where to start? Don’t miss this easy guide that’s filled with tips for a safe and successful Halloween party.
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Jack ‘O Lanterns
Carving Jack ‘O Lanterns not only adds to the decor, it’s a great party activity that will keep guests busy and give them something to take home after the festivities.
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Outdoor Entertaining this Autumn
Create an ideal autumn atmosphere with these tips for lighting, heating, color, and texture.
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Party Themes
Besides a general “spooky” theme, you can narrow it down to a specific era or topic. We’ve got plenty of ideas for children, adults, and couples parties.
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Scavenger Hunt
How about a little competitive fun? Get your game going with these simple rules for an outdoor scavenger hunt.
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Scavenger Hunt List
A list is essential for a scavenger hunt. This list consists of Halloween and autumn related items that you can customize to fit your theme or party.
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Top Haunted Houses in the United States and UK
Enter any of these most popular haunted houses in the United States if you dare!
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Ready for something different? From start to finish, here’s how to plan a trunk-or-treat party or participate in one.
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Zombie Walk
Walk the talk this Halloween when you join the living dead for a leisurely shuffle around town.
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