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Mission Statement

The Dinosaur Protection Group (DPG) is dedicated to establishing and protecting the rights of all living dinosaurs. The DPG was founded and operates under the principle that dinosaurs are not ours to experiment upon or exploit for entertainment or financial gain. Though we brought them back to existence, we do not thereby claim the right to assume control of them.

We are focused upon securing their health, providing a sustainable environment, and limiting human intrusion into their lives.

The DPG works through public education, research, rescue, legislation, special events and, when needed, direct action.

All operations are 100% funded by the financial support of like-minded individuals. No amount of donation will buy any amount of influence.

The Dinosaur Protection Group is not politically backed or sponsored. We have no corporate affiliation. We see our role as custodians of your concerns, amplifiers of your voice and, when called for, warriors in the fight to defend the rights of all dinosaurs.

But we have even more ambitious goals. Few realize that the dinosaurs on Isla Nublar need constant monitoring and medical attention. To put things in perspective, when Jurassic World was operating at its peak there were over 30 dinosaur veterinarians on the island monitoring every aspect of their health – from nutrition, disease, exercise, even social interactions. That’s one veterinarian for every 5 dinosaurs. Today that number is zero.

With the help of future capital campaigns, combined with the efforts of the Costa Rican Biological Preserve, and the co-operation of the local Costa Rican lifeguard, we are close to being able to send our DPG veterinarians to Isla Nublar on an appointment basis.

Meet The Team

Claire Dearing


DPG founder and activist Claire Dearing has committed her life to the protection of dinosaurs after surviving the incident at the park in 2015. After spending her early career consulting in the fields of process management and project implementation services, Claire now heads a team of thirty volunteers at the DPG.

Zia Rodriguez


Zia Rodriguez trained in pre-veterinary medicine at Berkeley before the park incident put on hold her dream of accepting an internship at Jurassic World. Now Zia is one of DPG’s strongest advocates and our resident expert on dinosaur biology. Once the DPG fulfills its goal, she wishes to achieve her dream of mending our giant neighbors.

Franklin Webb


Having previously worked at Jurassic World as an IT technician, Franklin Webb now operates the DPG’s social media and online marketing campaigns. As his surname comically suggests, Franklin is an expert on all things to do with computers and the internet. This makes him an important asset to the DPG’s reach around the globe.

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