My Spy Quotes


Here is a collection of the best quotes from My Spy, a fun movie about a CIA operative who gets blackmailed by a 9 year old girl.

my spy quotes


My Spy is a fun spy movie starring Dave Bautista and Chloe Coleman. It is action packed and at the same time, pretty darn funny. My Spy is filled with memorable quotes. Some are badass, and some are hilarious! Here is a list of my favorites.

My Spy Quotes

Here is a list of my favorite quotes from My Spy. Some will make you laugh, some will make you feel — but all of them are great!

“There is one thing I’m good at… kicking ass.” – JJ

“I have read every page of your case file, it is a page turner. Like 50 shades of amazing.” – Bobbi

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“The goal was to find out what they knew so we could take the rest of the operation down. That’s kind of difficult now seeing as you killed all of them.” – David Kim

“Elementary school girls are really warm and welcoming to new kids — they’re like the first ones they invite to all the parties.” – Sophie

“Nah, that’s not blood. It’s sriracha. Maybe they ate in bed or something.” – Bobbi

“With your lack of motor skills that would be impossible.” – JJ

“You will never save my ass.” – JJ

“Sure, hanging out with my mom is way cooler than making friends my own age.” – Sophie

“You’ve stumbled into a very sensitive situation little lady.” – JJ

“Won’t you get in big trouble for getting your cover blown by a 9 year old whose recording this and streaming it to the cloud.” – Sophie

“Kill her. Make it look like an accident. Maybe the stairs?” – JJ

“I think I broke something. Deep inside.” – JJ

“How did you do that? He has muscles the size of hams.” – Carlos

“That kid is tricky man, I miss dealing with terrorists.” – JJ

“This ain’t gonna end up like some movie with you and me sitting in little chairs having a tea party.” – JJ


“It’s school. We’re all just trying to survive it.” – Sophie

“Everyone’s experiences are valuable. There’s nothing to be ashamed of.” – Miss Besser

“I saw some judging, and some unkindness, so I just wanted to set the record straight. But if any of this information were to leave this room I will find you.” – JJ

“Everything I did was in the service of keeping America safe.” – JJ

“Under the rough exterior, you seem like a nice guy. But sort of damaged and alone.” – Sophie

“You’re tiny and weak, and I’m the opposite.” – JJ

“I don’t want to be ageist here JJ, but she’s 9. She still sleeps with a nightlight.” – Bobbi

“There is no covert information in that apartment, just a broken family.” – JJ

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“First we have got to do something about this shirt. You look like your advertising Brawny Towels. Who are you the quicker picker upper?” – Carlos

“This looks like the wedding at the end of Shrek.” – Bobbi

“You stumbling into our lives has been a breath of fresh air.” – Kate

“‘Cause you’re my hero dude. I liked watching you become a normal person.” – Bobbi

“Personal isn’t a weakness.” – Bobbi

“Have a nice flight, dick.” – Sophie