Last Exorcism 2 Trivia


Unlike its predecessor this film is not presented in a found-footage format.8 of 8 found this interesting | Share thisAside from archive footage from the previous film, Ashley Bell and Louis Herthum are the only actors to reprise their roles from the first film.7 of 7 found this interesting | Share thisWhen Nell is cleaning hotel rooms, a picture of an owl with long legs can be seen on the wall. The picture is that of a demon called Stolas, as depicted in a 19th century French demonology text called “Dictionnaire Infernal”.12 of 15 found this interesting | Share thisWhen Frank Merle pulls up to the driveway of the home for girls Nell’s fingers are pressed against the window of the car, they form the symbolic 666.3 of 3 found this interesting | Share thisAs part of the promotion for the upcoming release of the film, a salon scare prank was set up in which an actress would hide behind salon mirrors and scare the customers (the actual prank is included on the DVD/Blu-ray release of the film).2 of 2 found this interesting | Share thisNot screened in advance for critics.6 of 11 found this interesting | Share thisNell’s full name is revealed to be Nell Margaret Sweetzer in this installment.2 of 3 found this interesting | Share thisErica Michelle, Ashlynn Ross, Raeden Greer, Judd Lormand, and Dane Rhodes all appear in American Horror Story (2011).2 of 3 found this interesting | Share thisA working title for the film was “Beginning of the End: The Last Exorcism II” until the official poster revealed the final title.1 of 3 found this interesting | Share thisSony Pictures had expressed interest in developing a third film after this film’s modest box office success (grossing over $25 million on a $5 million budget). Ashley Bell said in interviews that she was open to reprising her role again as Nell. The third film was never made due to a lack of public interest in the franchise.Is this interesting? | Share this


The trivia item below may give away important plot points. Was originally rated R by the MPAA for a scene where Chris slits his throat graphically until the scene was edited for a PG-13 rating (the unedited version of the scene along with some other deleted scenes were restored for the unrated DVD and Blu-ray release)

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