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Last night was crazy. What was I thinking? I saw the police van with no one around and I just snapped as much as I could.

I know it’s on the risky side of risky, but if it helps find Phoebe then it was worth it, right?

I’ve just about recovered so we need to work out if these images can help us. Examine them, analyse them, whatever you can do, and tell me if you can spot anything useful.

Sarah x

Big news. A local resident posted a photo of a suspicious car to the Find Phoebe site matching the description of Mark White’s vehicle. Registration OV57 HZE. I’m sure it’s his. Top work, Finders.

A car registration means there must be related documents that could lead us closer to White. I’ve run it through every search I can think of. And guess what? We’ve hit the jackpot. The car is linked to a garage not far from me.

Now this is getting a bit real but I’m going to go down and check out the garage tonight. I can’t leave it, no matter how scary it might be.

I’ve got a shift at the café first (a girl’s got to eat) but I’ll be trying the garage at 7.30pm this evening.

I’ll be on the move so find me on Twitter. As ever, I’m @iamsarahhays and I’m using #findthegirl.

Wish me luck x

After such a sad day yesterday with Phoebe’s dad’s appeal, I’ve decided this week has to be positive. And I’m happy to say we’ve made a great start.

I can’t exactly go into how I got this, so you’re just going to have to trust me that it was all above board… ish. I’ve got hold of a witness statement from someone who saw Phoebe being taken. They saw Mark White get into a car. A Ford Fiesta.

It’s a solid link to the kidnapping, so let’s keep an eye out Finders. I’ll do some more Scooby-ing here.

I’ve got to admit it, I’m struggling. Can’t sleep. Emotional. But mostly? Just so worried for Phoebe.

Her dad held a press conference. There aren’t any words for it. Just watch:

Now we have a name and a description we’re another step closer to finding her. But still it’s hard to make sense of. I’m running into so many dead ends. What do think is going on?

I have to step up the search. I’ll need your support again. I’ll be in touch tomorrow when I’ve cleared my head.

Sarah x

Hey Finders. I’m so shattered, but we’ve come such a long way since I found that crime scene. Your support has been amazing, but we’ve still got a way to go until we find our missing girl.

The school website gave us Mark White, account activity, and all sorts of staff details (who the heck is Alison? It’s seriously bugging me now). But most importantly the social searching found a name for our girl. We have to help Phoebe.

I’ll work on what we have so far and come up with a plan. If you want to catch up and help us out with #findthegirl, just read back through the blog. As ever, I’m @iamsarahhays on Twitter

Find the girl

Wow. Really impressed with all the stuff you guys found on the school website last night. We’ve definitely got some hackers in our midst.

Here’s a round up of some of the key information you found on the site:


(Thanks @chantaljs_, @chaaarlieclarke and @jojomorg for these)

I’m interested in the password ‘151174’ & memorable name ‘Alison’. What do they mean? Is that his date of birth? Who’s Alison?

Keep thinking, Finders. I’ll have a think about other routes we can go down. You did great.

Sarah x

I knew my coding course would come in handy. I think I’ve worked out a way to hack into the Sunbridge High School website. But I need you to help me find anything useful in there.

I found this Website Recall service that saves archived versions of old websites. If we put the school web address into it we can poke around the site from 2003. Try it here:

But we need to dig deeper. I want to try to hack into the archive servers. If my tinkering has worked, a random link should have appeared somewhere on the old site that opens the control panel. Find it and try to gain access to any private areas.

Send any new information to me here or on Twitter (I’m @iamsarahhays). The smallest thing might help.

And help each other. We’re stronger together, remember?

Sarah x

What an amazing start #findthegirl team, we’ve already got two leads on who might have taken that poor girl. We’ve got a name, Mark White, and an idea to check out the local schools.

I did some digging around and it looks like White worked at Sunbridge High School – that’s where Ivy went – and I found the school website:

Only one problem. Mark White would have worked there in 2003.

I have a plan though. A slightly naughty plan, but a plan nonetheless. I’m going to try something later. And I’ll need your help.

Meet me on Twitter. 7pm. This evening. Let’s do this.

Sarah x

I’m Sarah Hays. I live in Bristol and I’m a journalist. Well, if working in a café and aspiring to be a journalist counts. But that’s not important right now. I stumbled across a crime scene and a young girl is missing. I took this video:

I can’t let this happen again. I’m starting the #findthegirl campaign. But I need your help.

I’ll be posting anything I find here and I’m @iamsarahhays on Twitter. Please send me any information you have.

Together we can fix this. We can find her.

Sarah x

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