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I, Robot 2 Updates: Is The Will Smith Sequel Happening?

The first movie was a hit for star Will Smith back in 2004 but will I, Robot 2 ever happen? Here’s what we know about a potential follow-up.BY PADRAIG COTTERPUBLISHED MAR 19, 2020

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Is Will Smith going to have the world from another potential robot apocalypse in I, Robot 2? Will Smith made the transition from TV’s Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air to movies with Bad Boys and while he’s had his flops over the years, he’s one of the few remaining movie stars. When his film career was taking off, Smith followed a certain formula he and his manager devised based off the most successful films of all time. They all included certain ingredients like special effects, monsters or a love story, so many of his biggest films like Men In Black featured such ingredients.

This formula isn’t always a surefire path to success, like Wild Wild West or After Earth prove. It certainly worked out in the case of 2004’s I, Robot, where Smith played a detective investigating a murder seemingly committed by a robot – which should be impossible, given their programming. The movie was very loosely based off the work of acclaimed sci-fi writer Isaac Asimov, to the point Asimov is credited with “suggesting” the premise. The movie was an entertaining combination of big-budget action with occasional high-brow themes, like robots gaining sentience or the idea of free will versus control.

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