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A Detailed Look At The Audi RSQ From I-Robot

Audi RSQ was a concept car that was built specifically for the 2004 Sci-Fi movie – I, Robot.BY TIJO TENSONPUBLISHED MAR 21, 2021

2004 Audi RSQ and Will Smith fromt the Movie I, Robot

In 2004, Audi made a concept car from scratch for the sci-fi movie – I, Robot starring Will Smith. This movie was set in 2035 and was a take on the future as we perceived back then. So, Audi also carved out a futuristic-looking car – the Audi RSQ. Now, it will instantly remind you of the much-acclaimed Audi R8, but back then it was pitched in to depict the futuristic curve of Audi’s design philosophy and mobility.

This car was special as it was Audi’s first-ever car developed specifically for a movie. It had a few distinctive features including the usage of spheres instead of wheels that allows the car to move about multi-directionally. The most impressive part was how Audi retained its design philosophy even for a movie that was based 31 years ahead.

They made sure that viewers would instantly understand the car as an ‘Audi’ with its single panel front grille and its four rings. Unique cars have always played a crucial role in inspiring the storyline and also to show viewers of the automaker’s finesse.

Audi RSQ was a concept car that was built specifically for the 2004 Sci-Fi movie – I, Robot and was an early peak of the Audi R8 to come.

A Brief On The Sci-Fi Thriller – I, Robot

2004 Audi RSQ and Will Smith from a still in the movie - I, Robot
Via: Motorchase.com

This movie was released in 2004 when connected cars and robots were a far-fetched idea. We have come a long way after that and connected cars have started to become a common thing now. The robot thingy can wait a bit more though. The movie is set in 2035 where humans live in harmony with robots. But things go south with robots turning against humans, and one man (Will Smith) goes on against the system to find the reason and set things right.

This movie was an impressive piece of art that incorporated stunning visual effects to bring the life of 2035 closer to reality. The movie was directed by Alex Proyas and is taken from the short story collection ‘I, Robot’ written by Science fiction writer Issac Asimov. So it is befitting for Audi to create an all-new car just to be showcased in the movie.

A Mid-Engine Concept Car That Would, Later On, Pave Way For The Audi R8

2004 Audi RSQ rear third quarter view
Via: Supercars.net

The car Audi created for the movie ‘I, Robot’ was called the RSQ and was their first-ever car created specifically for a motion picture. The car had a 5.0L Twin-Turbo V10 coupled to a 6-Speed Gearbox but was technically useless for the movie. It was solely made for design and movie production purposes (CGI did the rest!).

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