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Hollywood themed birthday party Ideas

Lights, camera, action! It’s not long ‘till the Oscars, so today we’re going to guide you on how to throw a Hollywood themed birthday party perfect for any movie lovers! You would be excited to know about the fabulous collection of movie party ideas.

Blast city, a perfect destination to throw the Hollywood themed birthday party in LA. Our experts can help you recreate the excitement of all your favorite movies with a range of Hollywood themed birthday party supplies.

Read on for all the decorating tricks, party games and inspiration you need for a memorable movie-themed party!

Hollywood themed birthday party invitations

Hollywood themed birthday party invitations

First things first, let your guests know that they’re headed to the red carpet with some stylized Hollywood themed birthday party invitations!

Keep them interesting and on par with your theme. It is also recommended that you send them out a couple of weeks in advance to let your guests plan for your party, and work it into their schedule. You can be unique with these movie-themed invites that scream with Hollywood glitz and glamour!

Movie party costumes

Halloween Costumes

Next up is the dress code. If you want your guests to look the part it’s time to find some costumes! Here are some dress-up ideas for your Hollywood themed birthday party.

Black tie/red carpet glamour– If you want to go for a more red-carpet approach you may try a decent look where you can dress up in posh suit or dress. You may also want to add a tie or sash. It is within budget and you may already have one in your wardrobe.

Dress up as your favorite movie star – Experts can help you choose costumes to look at that of a movie character or an iconic actor. Dress up as your favorite actor or actress in one of their iconic films! You could even make a guessing game of “which celebrity am I?” that will make it fun for the whole group!

Casual– If you want to keep the party simple, casual can be your option to keep the environment light. Come as yourself, because the red carpet is still the place for a star like you!

Movie-themed party ware

As for setting up on the day of the party, we recommend you choose Blast city for your Hollywood themed birthday party. Our experts are well known to the trend and will help you throw a perfect party by transforming your party venue.

Once you discuss your plan with us, then sit back and relax as our team makes your Hollywood themed birthday party a reality. Next up for our movie party ideas is to set the scene with some movie-themed decoration that will make you and your guests feel like you’re ready to grab that Oscar. We’ve got a whole range of Hollywood themed birthday party decorations just for you! Your party could be exciting with:

  • A red carpet at the entrance
  • Hollywood hills scene setter
  • Clapper boards

Besides, gaming can be more fun! At Blast city LA we offer unlimited gaming experience with Laser tag, Arcade, Interactive Fun and so much more! We’re perfect for your Hollywood themed birthday party! If you’re a movie fanatic, a Laser tag party would feel like you’re in your very own action film!

Movie-themed party food

As for party food, keep your buffer fun with lots of cinema-style delicious snacks! Think cheese Pizzas, Pepperoni Pizzas, Turkey sandwiches and various other options from lite to heavy meal options, you can get it all here!

Throw your party Blast city

Celebrate your birthday party, team party, or any kind of celebration in Los Angeles in a unique way. Find out how you can make your party unforgettable at Party Games for Movie Nights with unlimited fun games Get in touch with us we will help you make your party a blast!

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