Hollyoaks Trivia


In 2000, the character Matt Musgrove (played by Kristian Ealey) transferred from Brookside (1982) to Hollyoaks, the first time this had been done in a British television soap opera.7 of 9 found this interesting | Share thisAlthough set in a fictional village in Chester the series is actually filmed in Liverpool and uses many of the same houses used by Brookside (1982).5 of 7 found this interesting | Share thisAlex Carter (Lee Hunter) auditioned for the part of Darren Osbourne, but he lost out to Ashley Taylor Dawson. About four years later he was up for the part of Dan Hunter, but was considered to look too young for that part, but ideal for the younger brother.5 of 8 found this interesting | Share thisThe series is very famous for its attractive young cast. Every year, the male stars would release a “Hollyoaks Hunks” calendar and the female stars would release a “Hollyoaks Babes” calendar, in which the actors and actresses would pose in states of undress.4 of 6 found this interesting | Share thisIn 2013, executive producer Bryan Kirkwood refuted accusations from critics that actors were cast for their good looks. He said they “always cast on acting ability before anything else”.4 of 6 found this interesting | Share thisTiffany Mulheron quit the show because she felt like she was treated like “meat” and was only in to show her body.1 of 1 found this interesting | Share thisUnusually for a British soap, the majority of characters tend not to be in the programme for longer than two years, and even fewer have been on for longer than five years. The longest-serving actor is Nick Pickard; who has continously played Tony Hutchinson since the soap began in October 1995.0 of 1 found this interesting | Share thisActress Tiffany Mulherron originally auditioned for the guest role of Roxy Maguire. However, producers instead decided to cast her in the regular role of Natalie Osborne.0 of 1 found this interesting | Share this

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