Gotham Season 4 Trivia


In the Wayne study on a shelf sits a bust of William Shakespeare, the same kind used to activate the secret passageway to the bat cave in the 1960s Batman and Robin series.348 of 350 found this interesting | Share thisBen McKenzie stated that for inspiration for his character, he basically became the younger version of Gary Oldman‘s portrayal of Jim Gordon from the Dark Knight Trilogy.431 of 437 found this interesting | Share thisJada Pinkett Smith brought a man on a leash to her audition as Fish Mooney.641 of 662 found this interesting | Share thisRobin Lord Taylor has cited Danny DeVito‘s portrayal of the Penguin as his inspiration for Oswald.457 of 472 found this interesting | Share thisRobin Lord Taylor is a fan of Danny DeVito‘s portrayal of the Penguin in Batman Returns (1992). Carol Kane, who plays Penguin’s mother, co-starred with Danny Devito in the TV series Taxi (1978). They both remained as friends after the show ended. Robin Lord Taylor stated that Carol Kane came back to the set after having lunch with Danny Devito and relayed a message from him stating that “he watches the show and likes his performance.” This comment sent Robin Lord Taylor “over the moon.”216 of 222 found this interesting | Share thisCameron Monaghan‘s character Jerome Valeska was initially described as a “proto-Joker” by Bruno Heller.147 of 151 found this interesting | Share thisOf natural blond hair, Robin Lord Taylor dyes it black every two weeks for the character. According to him, his dark hair seems to always be “levitating off” his head when his clear roots grow under.222 of 230 found this interesting | Share thisShowrunner Bruno Heller stated that Gotham is not set to any time period. To achieve this effect, older and outdated technology such as rotary phones, CRT monitors, tube televisions are seen used throughout the show as well as contemporary devices like cell phones.96 of 98 found this interesting | Share thisDavid Mazouz, who plays a young Bruce Wayne in the series, has the same birthday of the fictional character on February 19th.201 of 209 found this interesting | Share thisEdward Nygma’s ringtone is identical to the musical sequence that plays at the start of the opening credits to the 1966 Batman TV series.84 of 86 found this interesting | Share thisOswald Cobblepot’s (The Penguin) suits were made by tailor Martin Greenfield, who has had U.S. presidents as clients.285 of 302 found this interesting | Share thisBen McKenzie voiced Batman in the DC Animated Original Movie Batman: Year One (2011). He is the second actor that has portrayed both Batman and Jim Gordon. Bruce Thomas played a live action Batman in the OnStar commercials (2001-2002) and voiced Commissioner Gordon in the DC Animated Original Movie Son of Batman (2014) (May 2014).227 of 240 found this interesting | Share thisJim and Barbara live in a clock tower. In the comics their daughter Barbara Gordon, after her time as Batgirl, donned the alter ego Oracle, who based her operations out of a clock tower (as also seen in Birds of Prey (2002)).246 of 262 found this interesting | Share thisMorena Baccarin has a busy career in comic book media, playing Dr. Leslie Thompkins on Gotham, the voice of the Gideon computer on The Flash (2014), and starring as Vanessa Carlyle/Copycat in Deadpool (2016). She was also the voice of the Black Canary in the animated series Justice League Unlimited and Talia al Ghul in Son of Batman (2014) and Batman: Bad Blood (2016).210 of 224 found this interesting | Share thisJada Pinkett Smith‘s character Fish Mooney does not exist in the comics and was created for the series.304 of 330 found this interesting | Share thisBen McKenzie suffered an accident while shooting a fight scene, in which he slammed his head onto a concrete pillar.217 of 235 found this interesting | Share thisIn later versions of the Batman comics, Edward Nygma’s last name is changed to Nashton.186 of 201 found this interesting | Share thisIn the episode featuring Thomas Elliott,Gotham: The Mask (2014) (alter ego of the villain, Hush), Elliott is depicted as a bully, as he teases Bruce about his parents’ death. In the comics, Elliott was Bruce’s childhood best friend until an incident caused by the young Elliott drove them apart.97 of 103 found this interesting | Share thisCamren Bicondova‘s casting appearance was that she looked so much like a young Michelle Pfeiffer who arguably has portrayed the most successful and iconic Catwoman in 1992 Batman Returns (1992) with Paul ReubensDanny DeVito, and Michael Keaton.86 of 91 found this interesting | Share thisCameron Monaghan stated that “there’s something serpent-like, snake-like about Jerome in the case that he could be looking away one second and then the next he’s striking you and he’s at your throat.”74 of 78 found this interesting | Share thisNew York is used as a template for Gotham, and some landmarks are recognisable during early episodes. As the series progressed though the producers interlaced the New York skyline with more and more CGI to give Gotham a more original feel. The buildings created were designed to reflect an architecture that would be appropriate to the Gotham City from the DC Comics universe.76 of 81 found this interesting | Share thisThe first Batman-related TV show to appear on the Fox Network since Batman: The Animated Series (1992), which also featured Harvey Bullock and Renee Montoya, and whose opening title sequence featured the blimps over the city that were featured in the show’s early promotional material.222 of 245 found this interesting | Share thisThe large neoclassical painting occasionally visible in Wayne’s mansion is Jacques-Louis David’s ‘The Oath of the Horatii.’ The gens Horatia were a Roman family of the ruling class. The painting depicts three brothers vowing to defend Rome with their lives. Of the three, only one will survive and he will be the destroyer of their opponents. The brothers might be said to symbolise the Wayne family with Thomas and Martha represented by the two brothers who will be slain in the virtuous fight, while Bruce is represented by the brother who will – in victory – survive.139 of 152 found this interesting | Share thisIn the beginning stages of filming season 4, Donal (Bullock), had to miss a few days of filming due to his daughter going missing. He eventually put out a tweet saying that she has been found and is safe and was back at filming just a few days later.43 of 45 found this interesting | Share thisThere is a large bat-winged gargoyle that overlooks the Gotham PD station interior.93 of 101 found this interesting | Share thisThe original inspiration for the urban landscape of Gotham is New York City in the 1930’s, and on occasion you would see elevated track in the “Manhattan” portion of the city. Manhattan did have at one time, elevated track on Third, Sixth, and Ninth Avenue, before it was placed underground.22 of 22 found this interesting | Share thisThis is the first Batman themed TV series to give credit to the previously unknown Batman co-creator Bill Finger.21 of 21 found this interesting | Share thisCrispus Allen is one of the DC comics characters to have been host to the hero known as The Spectre.73 of 79 found this interesting | Share thisIn Gotham: Spirit of the Goat (2014), Bullock remarks how similar “therapist” is to “the rapist.” This may refer to the comic storyline ‘Batman: Hush,’ where Lois Lane made a very similar comment.130 of 144 found this interesting | Share thisSelina has snuck into Wayne Manor through a window at least once in every season. .40 of 42 found this interesting | Share thisIn 2014, Ben McKenzie dressed up as Commissioner Gordon for Hallowween.29 of 30 found this interesting | Share thisOne of three new television series scheduled for release in 2014 based on DC Comics characters. The others being Constantine (2014) and The Flash (2014).188 of 214 found this interesting | Share thisBruce and Selina never knew each other as children in the comics.58 of 63 found this interesting | Share thisThe movie that is watched in the prison scene with Ben McKenzie in Season 2 is a musical, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (1954), which starred Julie Newmar, who played Catwoman in the 1960’s TV series Batman (1966).56 of 61 found this interesting | Share thisDonal Logue was a fan favorite to take on the role of Jim Gordon. However, Donal rejected the idea saying he was too old to play as Gordon, since the show takes place when Jim is in his late 20’s or early 30’s. He was then offered the role of Harvey Bullock and accepted it.49 of 53 found this interesting | Share thisCamren Bicondova who portrays Selina Kyle in Gotham used some of her dancing for some of the moves you see in Gotham.94 of 108 found this interesting | Share thisRight after she starred in this series, Jada Pinkett Smith‘s husband Will Smith was cast as Deadshot in Suicide Squad (2016), another DC Comics production featuring Batman.110 of 130 found this interesting | Share thisEach season when the GOTHAM intro shows on the screen more and more of Gotham city can be seen behind it.20 of 21 found this interesting | Share thisAll of the main characters include the classic colors they appeared in from the original 60s series. For example, E Nygma frequently wears green, Penguin wears purple, and Bruce Wayne wears black.31 of 34 found this interesting | Share thisBen McKenzie has voiced Batman in the animated movie Batman: Year One (2011). Ironically, just like the show, the main focus of this movie revolves around the origin of how James Gordon joined the Gotham police force and ultimately became Commisioner.57 of 66 found this interesting | Share thisMorena Baccarin‘s second time appearing in a Batman production. She also voiced as Talia Al Gul in Son of Batman (2014).47 of 55 found this interesting | Share thisReflecting on his relationship with David Mazouz, who played a young Bruce Wayne, Sean Pertwee admitted it was like working with “family”. “David is the same age as my son,” he said. “[So] it’s been extraordinary watching him grow up. I spent a quarter of his life with him.”10 of 10 found this interesting | Share thisTwo of the actors in supporting roles, Peter Scolari as Commissioner Loeb and Richard Kind as Mayor James, are both primarily known for their comedic work. Here, in “Gotham”, they are both able to show off their dramatic acting skills.26 of 30 found this interesting | Share thisThe character of mob boss Sal Maroni in this show is portrayed by David Zayas. In the 2008 film The Dark Knight (2008), Maroni is played by Eric Roberts. Roberts and Zayas starred opposite each other as the main antagonists in the 2010 film The Expendables (2010).66 of 88 found this interesting | Share thisAlthough Oswald Cobblepot and Edward Nygma are enemies in the show, the actors who portray them, Robin Lord Taylor (Oswald) and Cory Michael Smith (Edward) are good friends in real life.31 of 39 found this interesting | Share thisThe name of the character Edward Nygma is a play on words. When the given name is initialized to E, it sounds like “enigma” which means “an inscrutable or mysterious person” according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary. Additionally, he has occasionally been referred to as “Mr. E,” which sounds like mystery.126 of 178 found this interesting | Share thisOn GOTHAM, Jim Gordon is a son of an attorney. In real life, Ben McKenzie is a son of an attorney from Austin, Texas.22 of 28 found this interesting | Share thisSean Pertwee (Alfred Pennyworth) and Robin Lord Taylor (Oswald Cobblepot) share the same birthday (June 4th)24 of 31 found this interesting | Share thisTommy FlanaganMichael ChiklisDonal Logue and Niko Nicotera have also starred in Sons of Anarchy (2008).46 of 64 found this interesting | Share thisIt has no connection to Ben Affleck‘s Batman from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016). However, Geoff Johns stated that the TV universe (starting from Arrow (2012)) and the cinematic universe co-exist as part of a DC “multiverse”.85 of 125 found this interesting | Share thisThis is not the first comic book based movie or television show in which Donal LogueMichael ChiklisMorena Baccarin, and Zabryna Guevara starred in. These three actors were in Marvel Comics based movies. Donal starred in Blade (1998) and Ghost Rider (2007); Michael was best known as the character The Thing in Fantastic Four (2005) and Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007); Morena Baccarin was Wade’s girlfriend in Deadpool (2016); Zabryna was Trask’ s secretary in X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014).27 of 37 found this interesting | Share thisThe first names of Dr. Thompkins, Det. Bullock and The Penguin (Cobblepot) put together read Lee Harvey Oswald, the infamous assassin of POTUS John F. Kennedy.30 of 42 found this interesting | Share thisEarly in the first season, the industry website reported that there had been a hair and makeup test performed on the set in advance of shooting in which a white stuntwoman was made up in blackface (a process known as “painting down”) to prepare her to double for a black guest actress. Painting down stuntpeople is against SAG-AFTRA (Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists) rules; a SAG representative said that the situation was “presumptively improper… in other words: the practice of ‘painting down’ is unacceptable anywhere and particularly so in a production center like New York City with so many qualified stuntwomen of color trained for this type of work.” When Deadline called this issue to Warner Brothers’ attention, WB at first tried to minimize its importance but later released this statement: “A mistake was made this week in casting a stunt woman for a guest star in a particular scene on the show. The situation has been rectified, and we regret the error.”85 of 132 found this interesting | Share thisCarol Kane (Penguin’s mom) and Dan Hedaya (Bullock’s old partner) have also portrayed characters in the Addams Family franchise. Carol was grandma Addams (In Addams Family Values (1993)) and Dan played the slimy accountant to Gomez (The Addams Family (1991)).39 of 57 found this interesting | Share thisJessica Lucas (Tabitha Galavan/Tigress) was part of the cast of the short-live CW series Melrose Place (2009), where her co-star, Katie Cassidy, also portrays a DC comics character in another series Arrow (2012) as the heroine Black Canary.31 of 46 found this interesting | Share thisAs well as appearing as Penguin’s estranged father, Paul Reubens‘ well-known film Pee-wee’s Big Adventure (1985) was directed by Tim Burton – same director of both Batman (1989) and Batman Returns (1992)24 of 35 found this interesting | Share thisThe blade worn by The Executioner, as seen in Gotham: Mad City: The Executioner (2016), appears to be modeled after the weapon worn by The Phantasm in Batman: Mask of the Phantasm (1993).14 of 19 found this interesting | Share thisSeason 5 will be the shows final season25 of 38 found this interesting | Share thisJim (James Gordon) and Lee (Leslie Thompkins) joined together, form “Jim Lee” famous artist that created the HUSH story arc on “Batman” comics.32 of 51 found this interesting | Share thisOutstanding quotes from Gotham Special “The Legend Reborn” before the Series Premiere:

  • Danny Cannon (Executive Producer) – What the show looks at is why a town like that will eventually need a vigilante to help them? What makes a town so crazy? what makes a town so out of control that villains begin to wear costumes?
  • Geoff Johns (Chief Creative Officer) – So, you meet this young detective who is out to uncover corruption and do the right thing in a city that doesn’t necessarily want you to do the right thing or need you to do the right thing.
  • Ben McKenzie – When we start the series, James is more or less straight out of the military. Has not been in Gotham in a decade or more. He left when he was a kid. He’s a little bit of a fish out of water. He doesn’t exactly know what’s going on in Gotham, and he’s figuring it out moment to moment….He’ll make mistakes, he’ll trust the wrong people, follow his heart, and at times that will lead him into dangerous situations.
  • Bruno Heller (Executive Producer) – As an actor, that’s a very relatable place to start. Ben McKenzie is perfect for the role of Gordon because he has a kind of natural integrity and strength an old-fashioned set of values that really shines through his performance.

11 of 15 found this interesting | Share thisMaria Thayer (Detective Bullock’s girl) and Robin Lord Taylor (Oswald Cobblepot), starred in a previous film together called, “Accepted”.28 of 48 found this interesting | Share thisDespite Penguin having romantic feelings of love for Riddler in the show, no other representation of Penguin has showed him having homosexual feelings.14 of 23 found this interesting | Share thisSean Pertwee played in the movie Equilibrium (2002) with co-star Christian Bale, who later played Bruce Wayne/Batman in the Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy.30 of 58 found this interesting | Share thisSeason 2 is the second collaboration between David Mazouz (Bruce Wayne) and Natalie Alyn Lind(Silver St. Cloud). The first was in the movie Dear Dumb Diary (2013)13 of 22 found this interesting | Share thisAt times the New York landmarks can be seen throughout the series. Such as the Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge, One World Trade Center and the Statue of Liberty.5 of 7 found this interesting | Share thisBen McKenzie (James Gordon) and Melinda Clarke (Grace Van Dahl) both starred as regulars on the TV series The O.C. (2003).10 of 21 found this interesting | Share thisJeffrey Combs (who played an office manager in season 1 of Gotham) played several characters within different Star Trek series. Most of his best known portrayals were in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine which also cast Alexander Siddig (Ra’s Al Ghul) as Dr. Julian Bashir.8 of 16 found this interesting | Share thisDr. Lee Thompkins changes her style of clothes thought the series. From a standard Arkham medical uniform in the first season to a Doctor’s jacket and black over the knee boots in the final season.3 of 6 found this interesting | Share thisRichard Kind, who plays Mayor James, earlier co-starred on Spin City, which centered around the staff of a big city Mayor’s office.9 of 27 found this interesting | Share thisBoth Jessica Lucas (Tabitha) and Donal Logue (Harvey Bullock) have starred in the Cloverfield franchise. Jessica was in Cloverfield (2008) and Donal in The Cloverfield Paradox (2018)5 of 16 found this interesting | Share thisMichael Chiklis and Melinda Clarke both starred in Vegas (2012).6 of 23 found this interesting | Share thisClare Foley (“Ivy Pepper” 2014-2016) has appeared opposite Donal Logue “Det. Harvey Bullock” before. On Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Reasonable Doubt (2014) in Spring 2014, Foley appeared as “Chelsea Summers-Maddox” while Logue was guest-starring in a multiple-episode arc as “Lieutenant Declan Murphy.”3 of 12 found this interesting | Share this


The trivia items below may give away important plot points.Ben McKenzie stated that Batman will only appear on the show in “the very last frame of the very last episode of the very last season, whenever that turns out to be, that’s when we’ll see Bruce Wayne put on the cape and cowl.”492 of 500 found this interesting | Share thisBen McKenzie and Morena Baccarin , whose characters were at one time in a relationship, are married off-screen.326 of 331 found this interesting | Share thisMost of the time, that Nicholas D’Agosto alias Harvey Dent is shown, only one side of his face is illuminated, the other remains in shadow. Obviously a harbinger of his later transformation.82 of 84 found this interesting | Share thisBefore his death in S2E3 (Gotham: Rise of the Villains: The Last Laugh (2015)), it was widely believed that Jerome would later become the Joker. After the character was resurrected in Season 3, the same theory became popular again. It wasn’t until Season 4 when Jerome died again that the theory was finally put to rest. His brother, Jeremiah, would eventually become the Joker in Season 5.90 of 94 found this interesting | Share thisIn Victor Fries’ (Mr Freeze) first full episode, he leaves a pharmacy by uttering the words “I’ll be back” – a quote famously used by the titular character in The Terminator (1984). Arnold Schwarzanegger most famously portrayed the latter and also played Freeze in Batman And Robin (1997)61 of 64 found this interesting | Share thisIn 2016, Cory Michael Smith, who plays Edward Nygma, confirmed that Jerome will return to the show, despite the character’s death, and that his body can be seen in Hugo Strange’s lab. However, he was unable to confirm when the return would take place. Cameron Monaghan later hinted on Instagram that he will return to the show, but said it would be “in a season or two”.72 of 77 found this interesting | Share thisAn apparent tribute to Hitchcock’s masterpiece, Vertigo: In season 3, Isabella looks just like the deceased Kristen Kringle (both played by Chelsea Spack.) Isabella wears her blonde hair up (very similar to Madeleine in Vertigo.) Isabella makes herself over into the deceased Ms Kringle by changing her hair and dressing like her. During the transformation there is also a green glowing mist coming from behind her and through the windows as she walks toward Edward.22 of 22 found this interesting | Share thisMorena Baccarin’s character says that she is pregnant in the show because it relates to her actual pregnancy with her Gotham co-star Ben McKenzie67 of 72 found this interesting | Share thisAccording to Cameron Monaghan Jerome Valeska was originally supposed to find his second and definitive death in “Mad City: The Gentle Art of Making Enemies”. “He was going to be beheaded and that was going to be it for him. Ultimately they decided that instead, we’ll go the opposite way and really embrace the idea of the character being involved in the Joker mythos.”29 of 30 found this interesting | Share thisThe code on the keypad for the door in Gotham: Rise of the Villains: Damned If You Do… (2015) was 28723. B(2), R(8), U(7), C(2), E(3)70 of 77 found this interesting | Share thisIn the season finale of Gotham season 2 you can hear the familiar cackling laugh of Jerome and you can even see a person with a similar hair style and wearing the iconic bath robe worn by the iconic killer. However, this was not actually Jerome, and Season 3 revealed that Jerome was not resurrected until a few months after the monsters escaped from Indian Hill.34 of 36 found this interesting | Share thisBruce Wayne has gotten kidnapped or gone missing in all seasons of the show so far.26 of 27 found this interesting | Share thisBD Wong who plays Hugo Strange uses cuttlefish DNA to bring Fish Mooney back to life. His character from the Jurassic franchise also uses cuttlefish DNA to create the Indominus Rex.45 of 49 found this interesting | Share thisPaul Reubens makes an appearance as Oswald’s father. He played the role of penguins father in Batman Returns (1992).51 of 57 found this interesting | Share thisIn the first episode of Gotham Jim Gordon says to Bruce that “the world may seem dark, but there is light”. In the final episode of season 4 the signal resembles a bat signal Bruce repeats the same lines to Jim.52 of 61 found this interesting | Share thisMultiple actors on the show have played two different versions of their characters: Ben McKenzie plays as Jim Gordon and played as a fake version of himself that Hugo Strange created, Cory Michael Smith plays as Edward Nygma and the alter ego of himself, Chelsea Spack played as Kristen Kringle and Isabella, David Mazouz as Bruce Wayne and the copy of Bruce that Hugo Strange made, and Cameron Monaghan played both Jerome and Jeremiah Valeska.28 of 34 found this interesting | Share thisNicholas D’Agosto also starred in Final Destination 5 (2011).In a fight scene of that movie, another character tries to push Nicolas’s character’s half face into a pan of boiling oil. As we all know Nicholas D’Agosto plays Harvey Dent in Gotham who turns out to be Two Face.53 of 71 found this interesting | Share thisDavid Dastmalchian who plays Dwight Pollard the mortuary worker that revives Jerome Valeska also stars in The Dark Knight (2008) as the Jokers henchman Thomas Shiff the paranoid schizophrenic who Harvey Dent kidnaps and plays Russian Roulette with.22 of 27 found this interesting | Share thisThe Dollmaker’s henchmen Patti (Lili Taylor) and Doug (Frank Whaley) were originally scripted to be shot and killed by Gordon and Bullock but in the final cut, they do not get shot and are arrested instead.31 of 40 found this interesting | Share thisSpeaking to Digital Spy and other media ahead of his role in the BBC’s The Pale Horse, Sean Pertwee explained how Gotham’s finale was made all the more poignant. Revealing that the series was originally scheduled to end with season five after only 98 episodes, Sean told us how “emotional” it was to get the green light for the final two. “We got to 100 episodes! We got a cake, which is always nice. They gave us 98 episodes, which was pretty unfair, and then they gave us the last two at the last minute, so we got to the 100,” he said. He added: “And we got to see the Bat, so it was a big moment for us passing the Pennyworth torch on. It was a huge moment watching David [Mazouz] CGI-ed into the Batman outfit, into the Batsuit. It was emotional. We got there.”10 of 11 found this interesting | Share thisThis series offers an origin story for DC’s Joker as a sibling (Jeremiah) who becomes the Joker following his deceased brother (Jerome, an original character)’s path, similarly to the Black Canary origin on Arrow (2012) in which Laurel Lance takes the mantle honoring her deceased sister’s legacy, the original character of Sara Lance.17 of 21 found this interesting | Share thisThe Galavans’ real family name is Dumas. Alexandre Dumas wrote the novel The Count of Monte Cristo about a man wreacking revenge on the city that wronged him – just like Galavan/Dumas.7 of 8 found this interesting | Share thisJames Carpinello plays the son of crime mob boss Carmine Falcone, he also played the son of another of crime mob boss Howard Saint in The Punisher.

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