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Food consists mainly of complex carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

Complex Carbohydrates

assists in preventing feeling of hunger, Eating lots of complex Carbohydrates speeds up the metabolism and causes one to burn more calories for a considerable time after the meal being based on whole plant food, this plan is high in fibre and low in fats.


these originate from animals, plants or industrial products. the consumption of animal fats and oils should be kept as low as possible they are usually as follows:

Saturated Fats

And also found in dairy products there fats are often blamed for raised cholesterol Levels.

Unsaturated Fats

of plant origin are healthy and are found in avocados, nuts, olive oil and sunflower oil to mention a few.

Trans Fats

Approved by the food industry and now being replaced by fats produced by inter-esterification which is a complex industrial process. There fats are now in biscuits, snacks and spreads. the various types of fat are now mixed together with new industrial fats and foods containing a wide range of fatty acids, they have contrasting effects on us, depending on how the particles of fat circulating in the blood behave.


Meat and Dairy products contain proteins which cause an insulin surge when consumed this is much reduced or absent when plant proteins are consumed. The difference has been attributed to their different amino-acid profiles.

. Food labels on products are not to be believed advertising is angled to suit the product manufacturers.

THE NOVA System has been developed to different processed foods based on the degree of industrial food processing. Food is split into four categories.

  1. unprocessed foods-fruit, vegetables, grains, legumes, fish, Meat, eggs and Milk which should form the bases of your diet.
  2. Make food taste better with Herbs, Spices, Balsamic Vinegar, Garlic Oils.
  3. Processed Foods-Oil, Sugar or Salt and packaged like canned fish, smoked meats, Cheeses and fresh bread,
  4. Ultra-processed foods are industrial concoctions usually contain five to twenty ingredients made mostly from foods or synthesised in laboratories to improve the products taste. They have gone through multiple processes and been treated with enzymes and chemicals that are not on the labels and may be addictive.


Sea Bass











Lean Ham



You can keep a track of your program by weighing yourself once a week or some like to weigh twice per day and draw a graph of the results, you may find this helpful to see if a closer adherence and more effort is needed.

In this flexitarian plan you can build your own menus and can adjust your intake of foods from the lists we provide, supported by food supplements and advice via our website or telephone contact.

The snack course made up from the snacks list should be eaten mid-morning and mid-afternoon.

Remember if you follow the eating plan from the list provided, including the food supplements, hunger should not be a problem and cravings should be reduced.

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