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    • Posted at 16:54 17 Feb16:54 17 FebMummy X-ray reveals pharaoh’s ‘ceremonial execution’Alan JohnstonMiddle East editor, BBC World ServiceThe mummy of Seqenenre Taa IIGetty ImagesCopyright: Getty ImagesIt had been thought Seqenenre Taa II had died on the battlefieldImage caption: It had been thought Seqenenre Taa II had died on the battlefieldEgyptian archaeologists using X-ray scans on the mummy of a pharaoh have revealed more about his violent death 3,600 years ago.The experts now believe that King Seqenenre Taa II may have been killed in a ceremonial execution after being captured on the battlefield.He had been fighting the Hyksos people, who had seized the Nile Delta.The examination found that Seqenenre was struck multiple times with different weapons.Earlier studies of the mummy had found severe head injuries. But there’s always been uncertainty and speculation as to the exact cause of the king’s death.Article share tools
    • Posted at 12:17 15 Feb12:17 15 FebEgypt’s Lost CitiesVideo content caption: A team heads to Egypt in an attempt to uncover lost cities beneath the sands.A team heads to Egypt in an attempt to uncover lost cities beneath the sands.Archaeological documentary. Having used satellites to discover cities, temples and pyramids beneath the sands, Dr Sarah Parcak heads to Egypt to find out if they are really there.Article share tools
    • Posted at 8:52 15 Feb8:52 15 FebAncient beer factory unearthed in EgyptThe archaeological find in the Abydos burial ground is thought to date back about 5,000 years.Read moreArticle share tools
    • Posted at 0:07 12 Feb0:07 12 FebHow uprisings in the Middle East still echo, 10 years onBy Jeremy BowenBBC Middle East editorRevolutions brought dramatic to change to the region – but the causes have not gone away.Read moreArticle share tools
    • Posted at 0:15 11 Feb0:15 11 Feb‘The roar of the crowd shook my feet’Photographer Laura El-Tantawy looks back at her work documenting the 2011 revolution in Egypt.Read moreArticle share tools
    • Posted at 0:32 9 Feb0:32 9 FebEgypt’s revolution: I saw the unimaginable happenBy Wael HusseinBBC News, CairoThe BBC’s Wael Hussein describes witnessing an uprising unfold in the heart of Cairo, 10 years on.Read moreArticle share tools
    • Posted at 17:06 4 Feb17:06 4 FebRita Ora venue keeps licence after lockdown breachCasa Cruz will have its licence suspended for six weeks after hosting the star’s 30th birthday party.Read moreArticle share tools
    • Posted at 12:55 2 Feb12:55 2 FebMummies with golden tongues unearthed in EgyptIt is thought the dead were given the tongues 2,000 years ago so they could speak in the afterlife.Read moreArticle share tools
    • Posted at 17:44 28 Jan17:44 28 JanRita Ora ‘paid venue £5,000 to breach Covid rules’The pop star should have been isolating at home after returning from Egypt when she threw a party.Read moreArticle share tools
    • Posted at 11:11 28 Jan11:11 28 JanEgypt’s handball coach proud despite loss to world championsEgypt coach Roberto Parrondo praises his team despite losing on penalties to defending champions Denmark at the World Men’s Handball Championship.Read moreArticle share tools
    • Posted at 15:58 27 Jan15:58 27 JanTop Egyptian dentist accused of sexual assaultBBC World ServiceEgypt’s public prosecutor has ordered a top dentist to be remanded in custody after accusations that he sexually molested male patients.A well-known singer and actor have lodged formal complaints against him.The actor, Abbas Abo el-Hassan, urged other victims to come forward.The dentist has dismissed the accusations as a failed attempt to blackmail him.Many women have complained of sexual harassment in Egypt but male victims tend to keep quiet.The singer – Tamim Younis – described the abuse he was allegedly subjected to in an Instagram post, but the dentist said he was hallucinating due to the anaesthetic.Article share tools
    • Posted at 6:04 26 Jan6:04 26 Jan‘Wales is so beautiful – I had to picture it’Egyptian photographer Mohamed Hassan says he now feels Welsh after living here for 12 years.Read moreArticle share tools
    • Posted at 0:01 25 Jan0:01 25 JanAre Egypt’s dreams of democracy still alive?Video content caption: Egypt’s dreams of democracy still alive?Egypt’s dreams of democracy still alive?It’s been ten years since Egyptians took to the streets to unseat their longest-serving President, Hosni Mubarak.Article share tools
    • Posted at 16:45 24 Jan16:45 24 JanEgypt begins vaccinationsAlan JohnstonBBC Middle East analystAhmed Hamdan Zayed receives the Chinese Sinopharm coronavirus vaccineReutersCopyright: ReutersEgypt – the Arab world’s most populous nation – has begun the process of vaccinating its more than 100 million citizens against the coronavirus. The country has recorded nearly 9,000 deaths from the disease.The first recipients of a vaccine were a doctor and a nurse. They were given a Chinese-made injection.Vaccines from Britain and Russia will be included in the inoculation programme as it unfolds.Egypt’s health minister said the country was aiming to produce an injection locally, with a view to distributing it to the rest of Africa.There have been warnings that the continent is in danger of being left behind, as richer parts of the world strike vaccine-supply deals and drive up prices.Read more:Article share tools
    • Posted at 16:52 21 Jan16:52 21 JanEgyptians breaking FGM ban face 20-year jail termBBC World ServiceA knife used to when performing female genital mutilationsScience Photo LibraryCopyright: Science Photo LibraryIt is estimated one in 20 girls and women in the world have undergone some form of FGMImage caption: It is estimated one in 20 girls and women in the world have undergone some form of FGMThe Egyptian cabinet has approved the toughening of a law banning female genital mutilation (FGM) by raising the maximum penalty to 20 years in prison.A survey in 2016 found that almost 90% of Egyptian women between 15 and 49 had undergone FGM, despite a ban that was imposed in 2008.Under the new amendments to the law, anyone requesting FGM would also face jail.The law still has to be passed by both parliament and the president.Women’s rights groups say the ban has never been properly enforced.More on FGM:Article share tools
    • Posted at 16:20 20 Jan16:20 20 JanGiulio Regeni: Prosecutors request murder trialBBC World ServiceProtesters holding up pictures of Giulio RegeniGetty ImagesCopyright: Getty ImagesRallies have been held for Giulio Regeni in ItalyImage caption: Rallies have been held for Giulio Regeni in ItalyProsecutors in Italy have formally requested that four Egyptian security officers be tried in relation to the abduction, torture and murder of an Italian student, Giulio Regeni, in Cairo five years ago.The accused are General Tariq Sabir, Athar Kamel Mohamed Ibrahim, Uhsam Helmi and Magdi Ibrahim Abdelal Sharif.A judge needs to approve the request.The suspects would most likely be tried in absentia.Mr Regeni was killed while researching Egyptian trade unions.His badly disfigured body was found dumped in a ditch.The case has severely strained relations between Italy and Egypt.Egypt has denied that its security services were involved.In December, the Egyptian authorities said they were temporarily closing their investigation into the murder.Article share tools
    • Posted at 13:55 19 Jan13:55 19 JanEgypt woman arrested for baking ‘indecent’ cakesPhotos of the cakes, some topped with genitalia fashioned out of fondant icing, went viral online.Read moreArticle share tools
    • Posted at 12:45 18 Jan12:45 18 JanEgyptAir resumes Qatar flightsAlan JohnstonBBC Middle East analystAn EgyptAir plane (file photo)ReutersCopyright: ReutersIt’s one of Africa biggest airlinesImage caption: It’s one of Africa biggest airlinesThe state-owned Egyptian airline, EgyptAir, has resumed its flights to Qatar following an agreement that ended a long-running dispute.More than three years ago, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates all severed their ties with Qatar – plunging it into isolation.They accused the Qataris of being too friendly with Iran, and of supporting radical Islamist groups.But the dispute was ended with an agreement at a summit earlier this month, and travel, trade and diplomatic links are now being restored.Article share tools
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