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Rise of the Mummy (2021)


‘Rise of the Mummy’ Review

  • 22 February 2021
  • by Phil Wheat
  • Nerdly

‘Rise of the Mummy’ ReviewStars: Abi Casson ThompsonMegan PurvisStephanie LodgeAmanda-Jade TylerAntonia JohnstoneKate SandisonBarbara DabsonRui ShangMya BrownZuza TehanuWiktoria WabnycMarcus Brooks-HendersonArthur Boan | Written by Shannon Holiday | Directed by Antonia Johnstone

Well surprise, surprise. Who knew that 2019’s The Mummy Reborn would get a sequel? It has and it’s Rise of the Mummy (aka Mummy Resurgence). But hold on, this one’s not from Proportion Productions, rather instead its credited to Jagged Edge Productions… What’s going on? Oh… wait a minute… We’re all good, it turns out Jagged Edge Productions is yet another Scott Jeffrey company… phew!

This time round Jeffrey hands the directorial reigns to Antonia Johnstone, who we last saw in front of the camera as a cop in The Leprechaun’s Game. Who not only directs but apparently also did make-up and costuming on the film, and is credited wasSee full article at Nerdly »

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