Your Guide to Doctor Who Anniversary Specials across the BBC

The Day of the Doctor broke records and proved the perfect adventure to celebrate 50 years of Doctor Who! But you don’t need a TARDIS to go back in time and watch many of the other specials that marked the Time Lord’s half century. Here’s our guide to the 50th highlights that are still online for you to enjoy!

The Day of the Doctor

You can enjoy clips and interviews with the cast and crew of the epic 50th Anniversary Special, plus galleries, a quiz, fact file and much more!

The Night of the Doctor

Paul McGann returns as the Eighth Doctor in this mini episode also featuring John Hurt.

The Day of the Doctor: Behind the Lens

A special programme, narrated by Colin Baker (the Sixth Doctor) that takes you behind the scenes during the making of the 50th Special.

The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot

With the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who about to film, the ‘Classic’ Doctors are keen to be involved. But do they manage it? Find out in this Doctor Who special written and directed by Peter Davison.

Preview of the Christmas Special

This Christmas… Silence will fall!

The Day of the Doctor Deleted Scene

Three Doctors in one cool deleted scene…

TARDIS Index File – Zygons

The Zygons returned to Doctor Who… Find out what the TARDIS knows about them!

Steven Moffat: Happy Anniversary, Doctor Who!

A message from Steven Moffat (Doctor Who’s lead writer and executive producer), first released when Doctor Who reached its 50th anniversary.

Matt Smith: Happy Anniversary, Doctor Who!

A message from Matt Smith (the Doctor), first released when Doctor Who reached its 50th anniversary.

An Evening With Steven Moffat

In this BBC Cymru Wales event, Steven Moffat looked back over 50 years of Doctor Who.

An Adventure in Space and Time

Enjoy clips from Mark Gatiss’ drama that explored the origins of Doctor Who. The site also includes interviews, special video exclusives, an extensive ‘Who’s Who’ biography section and much more!

The Ultimate Guide to Doctor Who

Watch a clip of BBC Three’s brilliant programme that helped celebrate the 50th.

Doctor Who at the Proms

Relive the premiere of the glorious Song for Fifty from the Doctor Who Prom.

Pointless Celebrities

Enjoy a clip from this special Doctor Who edition of the popular quiz.

The Science of Doctor Who

Professor Brian Cox took celebrity guests and members of the public on a journey into the wonderful universe of the Doctor! Watch clips and find out more about the show.

Doctor Who

Take a look at which episodes of Doctor Who are currently available on BBC iPlayer.

And of course, you can always find Doctor Who exclusives on this site like the latest news, games and hundreds of great galleries!


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