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Dressing Up for Halloween
‘Tis the season to change personas and be that celebrity or monster you’ve always wanted to be. Would you like to be funny? Outrageous? Scary? Whatever it is, you’ll also need to be believable to get attention. Whether it’s with a ready-made costume or some makeup magic, you’ll find a bag full of tricks and a few intuitive treats along the way. Now get ready to dress up and roam amongst popular characters and some undesirables as well on Halloween night.

Blood Paste
Need realistic looking blood for your zombie costume? This recipe was submitted by a makeup artist and is to die for!
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Face Painting
Forget the mask! Here’s how to get professional results with sponges, brushes, and face makeup.
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Fake Blood Recipes
Want more? Take your pick from these fake blood recipes to make your Halloween costume delightfully gruesome!
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Fake Wounds
Our guide to fake wounds will help you create realistic lesions and scars that will gross out just about anyone.
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Halloween Costume Buying Tips
Need help dressing up? Here’s several tips for buying a Halloween costume, including places to look and how to get the best value for your money.
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Halloween Costume Ideas
This page has links to individual costume ideas, from characters to couples and groups. Not only that, there’s lots of tips for creating homemade costumes that make them unique and save money too.
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Special Effect Contact Lenses
Halloween is all about changing your appearance and wearing creepy contacts is one way to stand out in a crowd of ordinaries. Don’t miss these tips for safely wearing contact lenses and adding the “wow” factor to your costume.
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