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The new SlimDirect weight loss program concentrates on giving support to those who wish to change their food and drink intake while adapting their lifestyle so weight can be lost, and the weight loss maintained! it does take time and effort but once mastered this gives a much better chance of maintaining the weight loss. The weight loss is assisted by the use of certain foods and plant products which cause increased thermogenesis and an increase in basal metabolic rate. This is important to the success of the program.

Things to Consider about Weight Control




Some people are genetically programmed to have the tendency to become obese not only as a result of their own genetic makeup but also of the genes present in the bacteria of their gut which may have a greater effect on their metabolism by regulating the immune system, providing many of the key metabolites and vitamins in our blood stream, including brain chemicals that can affect our mood and even our appetite. The mix of gut microbes their genes and the chemicals they produce is unique to each of us. The bacteria of the gut (the microbiome) may constitute the main organ in the cause of obesity

Chemicals are now in in almost everything we eat chemicals interactions between each other and the gut bacteria and the cells in our body is not understood. It has been shown that normal people can increase 10 fold in their blood sugar responses to the same food.

Chemicals are used as flavourings, preservatives and emulsifiers. Fattening of animals is aided by the use of hormones and antibiotics. Crops are sprayed with pesticides and herbicides. Some of the chemicals cause damaging and alterations to the bacteria of the gut.

The number of calories consumed can be measured but the number used up by metabolic process of the body and exercise is at best rough estimate and circumstances may vary to the point at which the calorie as a measure of nutrition or weight loss is meaningless.

Ultra-Processed Foods

These have a high content of chemicals, Sugar, Fats, salt and there is evidence of adverse effects on the microbes in the gut also on metabolism the heart and brain. These foods contain preservatives, emulsifiers, enzymes and Artificial Sweeteners. One of their effects is to cause people to gain weight!

Even commercially supplied fruit yoghurts may contain additives. Microbial diversity in the gut is reduced when junk food diets with few vegetables are consumed. More inflammatory markers are detected in the blood which increases the risk of multiple diseases.

Let’s build something together

Be aware that the Whole Plant Food Plan will fit in with either the vegan or vegetarian diets but these diets do not always fit into the whole plant food weight loss plan due to the presence of additives or excess amounts of sugar. In fact it is common for foods to be labelled low in fat while containing a large amount of sugar. This type of labelling is common on labels of Diet Cereals and yoghurts.

What you will receive

A schedule for use of the Whole Plant Supplements provided, which are:

Apple Cider vinegar

Turmeric 95% Coumarin & Black pepper extract

Green Tea Extract

Rasberry Ketones

Slimvit- Contains a wide range of vitamins & minarals

SlimDirect Skin patch- Contains a wide range of ingredients.

One weeks menus for the Whole Plant food meals

One weeks menu for the Flexitarian Option meals.


Tape Measure

Bathroom Scales

Food Diary

You can keep a track of your program by weighing yourself once a week or some like to weigh twice per day and draw a graph of the results, you may find this helpful to see if a closer adherence and more effort is needed.

In this flexitarian plan you can build your own menus and can adjust your intake of foods from the lists we provide, supported by food supplements and advice via our website or telephone contact.

The snack course made up from the snacks list should be eaten mid-morning and mid-afternoon.

Remember if you follow the eating plan from the list provided, including the food supplements, hunger should not be a problem and cravings should be reduced.



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