10 Favorite Things about Halloween


Yes! It’s that time of the year again. For Halloween enthusiasts, it’s time to begin decorating and planning parties.

For others, it’s really no big deal. Of course, there’s plenty that separates Halloween from other holidays that can’t be denied. Things that make this season fascinating and a whole lot of fun. Here’s a list of our top ten, favorite things about Halloween.

1) Beautiful Scenery

The visuals of the season is what makes autumn and Halloween so popular. The phenomenon that makes the leaves turn to brilliant colors of red, yellow, and orange change the landscape as nature prepares for winter.

2) Cooler Temperatures

After a long, hot summer, autumn’s cooler temperatures bring a welcome relief. Not everyone is enthusiastic about winter but it’s nice to turn off the air conditioner and open the windows while you still can. Soon, you will hear the leaves blowing in the wind. For those in cooler climates, this signals that Halloween is just around the corner.

3) Decorations

Natural decorations such as pumpkins, gourds, and Indian corn have beautiful colors and help us appreciate earth and celebrate autumn. But, it’s the Halloween decor and unique yard displays that add a mysterious atmosphere to the changing seasons. Spiders, spooks, and ghouls, oh my!

4) Spooky Movies

Halloween brings out the best in television if you want to be scared. Whether it’s special programming or a Movie Marathon, there’s plenty to watch in October that’s suitable for children and adults. Of course, you can watch online, play DVD’s, or buy boxed sets that have all of the good horror classics. Whatever your preference, October is the month where things really do go “bump in the night”.

5) Haunted Houses

Haunted houses aren’t for the squeamish but there’s a fascination with them that’s undeniable. Perhaps that’s why local groups manage to get the extra funding every year to set one up. Great alternatives include haunted mazes, haunted barns, and haunted garages. Feeling jumpy yet?

6) Halloween Candy

Halloween is a favorite day for those with a sweet tooth. A guilt-free day, sort of like a “free pass” to load up on sugar. Stores have a large variety to choose from that’s not available all year long. It’s easy to mix and match your favorites, especially when they’re on sale. Cross your fingers for leftovers after the last trick-or-treater has rang the bell.

7) Parties

Get ready for a final fall fling! It’s parties galore! School parties, club parties, home parties, nightclub parties. There’s always something for kids and grown-ups to do. Hosting a Halloween party is part of the fun but get your invitations out early because there’s lots of competition. If you miss the opportunity, an Indian Summer Party is your next best bet.

8) Anonymity

What other holiday are disguises not only accepted but expected? Devious personalities embrace this custom and choose to hide their identity behind their costumes. This adds mystery and keeps everyone guessing. How long has it been since you assumed another persona?

9) Shopping

No, not Christmas shopping. We mean shopping for Halloween costumes, props, and decorations. Need costumes? Just hit the costume section and you’ll find pre-made costumes and accessories. Then, look for decorations. Store displays are frightfully fun to look at and give you creative ideas for your own Halloween haunts. This will surely get you into the Halloween spirit.

10) Trick or Treating

It wouldn’t be Halloween with out trick-or-treating. It’s a favorite tradition amongst children that allows them to show off their costumes and collect candy. Nowadays, many parents are opting to take their kids to school parties or controlled trick-or-treating environments such as malls or church parking lots. Although the tradition is evolving due to safety concerns, there’s still a chance that a little ghosts, goblins, or ghouls will show up on your doorstep if you leave the porch light on. Make sure you have candy and a smile ready to greet them.

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